Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


About the charity:

There are increasing numbers of women and their children in Derbyshire with multiple and complex needs arising from substance abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, or a criminal record. Women’s Work was set up in 2003 to help these people gain the skills and confidence they need to make positive and lasting lifestyle changes and improve their overall health and well-being. As a charity it relies upon grants and donations to continue its inspirational work. The Derby Telegraph awarded Women’s Work it’s Not-for Profit Organisation of the Year award for 2017 in recognition of the value of its services.

The project:

Initially created to help the women of Derby, Women’s Work has now extended its services into the wider community including the more rural areas of the county. Accessibility is an issue for rural communities; women feel isolated and unable to access the services they require. Bus services to nearby towns are infrequent and expensive. To address this problem we intend to buy a motorhome to act as a self-contained, mobile contact centre. This will provide the opportunity to target our service delivery to the areas of greatest need outside of the city centre, giving women in these areas the same level of service as those in the city centre. Moving some of our services out of our office space will offset the overcrowding caused by increasing demand resulting from pressure on the public purse.

How will the funding be used:

The funding will be used to purchase an Eldis Expedition 100 motorhome (or similar) with a purchase price of £19,000, annual storage fee of £1700, insurance £500, road tax £230, service/maintenance £1000, giving an overall cost of approximately £23,000. Once modified for our services the mobile contact centre will benefit isolated, vulnerable women in the wider Derbyshire community for years to come.

Why vote for us:

This bid is to extend our services to provide invaluable support for vulnerable women in more remote areas. It will allow us to:

• Empower women with the confidence and self-esteem to make better life choices for themselves and their families
• Provide a space for women to create friendships and develop trust through social activity
• Offer intensive one-to-one support on issues such as debt management, accommodation, parenting skills and signposting to other support
• Help women to build peer support networks and reduce isolation

We are passionate about helping women from the most deprived and troubled backgrounds to turn their lives around. Our reward is when service users say: “I had no friends or support, nothing. I was isolated in my own house. If I didn’t come here I wouldn’t have seen anyone ” and “ I don’t have anything else, nothing at all else in my life. Friends here but then outside, nothing, no family. I’m on my own all the time, this is the highlight of my life”

Women's Work (Derbyshire) Ltd

Moment of Pride

We are proud that we have made such a difference to the women of Derbyshire in the last 15 years, helping them overcome tremendous difficulties and turn their lives around. There are few, if any, other agencies in Derbyshire that can provide such a holistic service to women with complex needs.

Location: Derbyshire, United Kingdom