Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000



Dancefest exists to enable anyone to experience the joy of dance. In our eyes everyone is a dancer, regardless of age, ability or experience.

At Dancefest we create opportunities for people in our community to take part in dance classes and, if they want to, perform. We're not your regular dance school - we take dance classes and performances out of studios and theatres and into schools, community centres, village halls, care homes, leisure centres, parks and heritage sites - we make something extraordinary out of the ordinary and surprise people by their own achievements.


A performance for the whole family

Our next community performance - The Three Bears - is an interactive, family friendly performance for summer 2018 retelling the classic fairy tale. Click on the video to hear Elizabeth talk about our plans.

We have a reputation for creating unique performances in outdoor settings, and creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. The Three Bears will be funny, quirky and surprising. A really fun experience for the whole family. It will be more than just a show - audiences will be able to join in, dance and then explore the set through a freeflow workshop where people can drop in and stay as long as they like. A real hands on experience! The workshop will be accessible to all - very young children, older people, people with or without disabilities - everyone's welcome. Dancefest's dance leaders are highly experienced and their great skill lies in finding the right starting point. Age and ability have no bearing - everyone can get involved.

The Three Bears will be performed by our DFA Company, which stands for Dancefest Adults. DFA come together to create and share new performances. All of the performers have experience in dance, some are dance teachers, some now just dance for fun. They're not paid to take part - they do it because they want to share a lifetime passion for dance. Our DFA Company members* tell us again and again how special it is to be part of a Dancefest performance project:

“It was a great experience from beginning rehearsals until the performance with lovely people. Makes Worcester a good place to be!” – DFA performer in Quiet Revolution

“It's helped me so much this last year. I makes me feel I belong somewhere.” – one of our community performers

Our projects build links across our community. Audiences often go on to take part in classes and even perform themselves, becoming part of the Dancefest family.



Dancefest will use our own funds to cover the management and administration costs of the project. What we really need support towards is the creation of the interactive set.

Funding will be used to support:
Design and build of a bespoke, interactive set (pictured)
Choreography, creation and rehearsal time
Marketing materials
Some performance costs including technical support

Successful fundraising will result in
- A bright, interactive set, solid enough to use again and again for future performances .

- An inclusive, interactive, family friendly performance setting that will bring people together. The interactive elements of the performance and the freeflow workshop will provide an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to feel equally involved.

- An opportunity for our experienced community dancers to take part in a creative process, work collaboratively to produce a new performance piece and perform at family festivals and events.

- A new performance that can be programmed at family friendly festivals and settings to delight audiences for years to come.



As a charity, we rely on public donations and fundraising to continue our work. We'd love it if you could vote for us - funding from The Aviva Fund would turn this exciting idea in to a reality!

Once you've voted, all that's left to decide is will you be #TeamBears or #TeamGoldilocks?

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We pride ourselves on delivering work of high quality that makes a genuine difference to people’s lives, led by an experienced professional team. We are the leading community dance organisation providing opportunities for ordinary people to perform alongside professional community dance teachers.

Location: Worcester