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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Ernie's Wish was founded in 2016 after Ernest 'Ernie' Spence was born sleeping, 39 weeks into the term of pregnancy. Out of tragedy, this amazing community group, led by Carla herself, now aims to support other families through their own traumatic experiences. Ernie’s Wish needs resources to enable them to extend this support, using the knowledge that Carla has built up.

The First Year

'Ernie's Wish' was originally created with a simple goal; to raise funds for the charities that had supported the family, including Ernie's then 3 year old big sister.

In the first year Ernie's Wish organised several fundraising events including a community fun day, 'Ernie's Big Day'. This event was held on the day intended for Ernie's Christening. In addition Ernie's Wish organised various social events, the completion of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge and the inaugural Ernie's Birthday Ball.

These events, raised a lot of money for these charities but Carla wanted to achieve more. She recognised that there was a gap in the services provided to families suffering such a loss and using her experience and incredible drive, she is taking Ernie's Wish to the next stage of development.

Ernie's Wish has set itself a mission; to provide better care, support and services for bereaved families.

The Future

Ernie's Wish now want to work alongside other agencies, services, professionals and charities to provide support and counselling services to bereaved families, supporting their mental health and wellbeing.

Ernie's Wish aim to offer a support pack provision aimed at children and young people dealing with bereavement. These packs are being crafted to support younger children coping at a time of loss.

Sample packs have been put together with some children already benefiting. The support packs include (dependent on the age of the recipient) a linen bag containing books including The Invisible String and The Huge Bag of Worries, a teddy bear, bubbles for heaven, a scrap book set, a journal or diary and pen, mindfulness colouring book and crayons and a pot of slime to keep busy fingers occupied.

Ernie's Wish are currently working alongside a professional to select books suitable for older children and young people.

The packs are designed to support children and young people with the range of emotions that come with grief, including sadness, worry and anger. The books will guide grown ups when talking to the children and young people about what they are feeling. The packs also provide simple tools to help the recipient remember their loved one and to help them feel connected to them i.e making a scrapbook, sending bubbles to heaven.

The packs have a cost of £50 each and Ernie's Wish estimate that 50 plus support packs over the first year will be provided to those children and young people dealing with the difficult loss of a loved one, whether this be a sibling, parent, grandparent, family member or friend.

Further funding is required in order to purchase further items so that they can be provided to every child and young person that requires one. We are seeking up to £5,000 in funding to support our activities.

Additional funding will also help Ernie's Wish promote their services in the East Midlands, enabling as much support to be provided as possible.

Ernie's Wish will also be able to use any funding they receive to further develop the project over the next 12 months and fulfil some of the further aims they have. These include:

1. Building our first website.
2. The design of funding packs and leaflets to send to individuals who wish to fundraise on behalf of Ernie's Wish.

Both of these activities will ensure the longevity of the project and the support services provided.

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Ernie's Wish

Moment of Pride

Ernie's Wish makes me very proud, it brought a community together after the devastating loss of a baby boy. It raises awareness of baby loss and provides vital support services for those dealing with bereavement where services don't currently exist all in memory of a baby who is loved and missed.

Location: Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom