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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Every 90 seconds someone in the UK suffers a Brain Injury, caused by strokes, car accidents, tumours, accidents or falls. They are often left with physical disabilities and sensory impairments, together with memory loss and communications problems. Our charity was set up to provide support and rehabilitation services for them and their families.

To improve mobility and a sense of wellbeing, we wish to provide hydrotherapy so that those we help can gain improved movement through buoyancy; improved balance, stamina and strength using water resistance and enjoyable sessions in a safe supportive environment. Those we help often suffer a combination of fatigue, loss of balance and coordination and confidence in themselves. To help them we provide rehabilitation services in our fully equipped gym, but have not been able to provide hydrotherapy until now. Our plan is to help more clients regain mobility through acqua therapy so they can return to daily life and work to support their families.

The benefits of hydrotherapy are several, since hydrotherapy has been proved to improve poor circulation and sore muscles. It can stimulate blood flow and encourage great physical activity, reducing stress and anxiety which are common symptoms of brain injury conditions .

By providing this new service, led by our Consultant Physiotherapist and therapy assistants, at a range of select locations, we will be able to outreach the many survivors struggling to recover at home, and for whom access to such facilities is difficulty. We will tailor a subsidised programme of sessions throughout the year, offering help with transport, using our minibus service operating within the community and visiting our Day Centre. As part of this new facility we will help clients achieve personal mobility goals, and measure improved mobility and wellbeing. Our study will be monitored and shared with like-minded local agencies caring for those with complex conditions or cognitive impairments and disabilities. Hydrotherapy is also excellent for relieving sudden or long lasting pain, sleep disorders, depression and nerve problems.

The grant sought will allow us to offer a year-round regular range of weekly sessions overseen by our specialist Physiotherapist and only a voluntary donation will be sought from beneficiaries or their carers/families. This is in fulfilment of our charitable mission. The project will be publicised and promoted to share expertise and good practice.

We know from earlier pilots that physical and mental wellbeing are closely linked and exercise empowers clients to regain their self esteem so they can retrain for new roles including volunteering so this project will be sustainable, encouraging others to get active and support on a "peer to peer" basis, with volunteers being trained to "roll out" the new scheme within our community, which is a rural area with limited access to such facilities and pockets of disadvantage.

We will provide full case studies for funders and promote the scheme using SE media, press and broadcast outlets.

Headway East Sussex

Moment of Pride

Our charity is independent and autonomous, established from a Carers group 30 years ago and now cares for the whole East Sussex region, which reports brain injuries of around 4k pa, frequently caused by road traffic accidents. We have established a pioneering care pathway.

Location: East Sussex, United Kingdom