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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Drumchapel Gymnastic Club was established in 1994, the club was set up to provide the sport of gymnastics in a safe and fun environment, regardless of ability, for young people in Drumchapel, Glasgow. The club is ran by a committed group of volunteers and has a membership of 140 ranging from 4 to 22 years olds. The club provides coaching 3 nights a week and 1 day at the weekend as well as competition opportunities for everone involved.

The club, based in an area of high deprivation, provides a positive environment for local young people to take part in sport and physical activity while developing their confidence and self esteem. The club remains focussed on providing accessible opportunities by keeping costs to a minimum. The club also actively encourages young people to become involved in the daily running of activities through coaching which builds leaderships and communication skills.

Drumchapel Gymnastics Club would like to use the funding to provide coaching to young people in the local primary schools, encourging them to take up sport and lead healthier lifestyles. The club will provide coaching and a sustainable outlet for the young people to take part in their local community.

The club would like to use the funding to provide coaching in 3 local primary schools, helping the young people developed their agility, balance and coordination skills as well providing an opportunity for a positive sporting experiance which will encourgae them to make good choices in the future.

We hope that by giving the young people a fun and enjoyable activity they will continue with sport (hopefully gymnastics) within their local community, Drumchapel Sport Centre provides a range of sporting activities, including gymnastics in a safe and fun environment with qualified instructors.

The club know from experiance that encouraging young people from an early age to form good habits when it comes to sport can help them to lead active and healthy lifes. Involvement in the club helps to build healthy relationships with strong roles models in the community.

The clubs goal is to encourage young people to come along and experiance the fun and enjoyment of being part of a club in the local community while supporting them to make good choices regarding their health and wellbeing.

Drumchapel Gymnastics Club

Moment of Pride

Drumchapel Gymnastics Club remains a voluntary sports club in the heart of the community. The leaders involved are passionate about the area and sport but mostly about poviding a postive experiance for the young people involved. This project will allo more people to experiance the club.

Location: Drumchapel, United Kingdom