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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are applying for some financial support for York Artistic Sports Club trampolining section to fund some equipment and kit upgrades. YASC is a small but thriving squad of young athletes who are starting to compete on a National level. The club has been established for almost 20 years now and we’re looking for a little help to update and upgrade our equipment and team kit in order to support our gymnasts to achieve even greater (literal) heights this year! As a volunteer coach of this talented crew I can wholeheartedly attest to their spirit, energy, dedication and drive to succeed in their sport and I’d love for them to truly look the part!
Trampoline gymnastics is a small but energetic sport which sits within the general gymnastics community. We have a group of 24 young athletes who are now competing regularly in the National Trampoline League and other regional events and producing some very promising results. In 2017 we have qualified 9 of our team to compete in the National League finals in London and 3 have reached the final of the English Championships. We also support a thriving squad of up and coming young talent who are more comfortable joining in with competitions on a fun, participation basis.
Our team members range in age from 6 years to 17 years. All of them train for multiple hours every week and show huge amounts of dedication to achieving their potential in sport! In the last few years there have been some mechanical improvements in the equipment that is used at competitions. We’d love to be able to replace some of our trampoline beds with upgraded versions in order to allow our guys to feel comfortable and at home on the equipment when we travel to competitions and training camps. As trampolining is a very technically precise activity it really makes a huge difference to have been able to have completed your hundreds of training repetitions on the same type of equipment that you’ll eventually have to perform on in front of the crowds and the judges. We are also aware that as our athletes have become more successful and accompliashed and begun to perform multiple somersaults, they need to be able to achieve additional power and control from the trampoline itself. New Ultimate trampoline beds would help them to progress more quickly in this respect! It would also be fantastic if we could provide new sports kit for our team instead of having to rely on our equally dedicated but frequently over-stretched parents to do so!
We’re so very proud of our young athletes and we’d love to be in a position to enable them to achieve even better results. We’ve built our trampoline squad on the belief that allowing a talented youngster to learn how to train, develop, work hard and fulfil their potential provides so many valuable skills and experiences that will serve them well throughout their lives! We’re working with every child to help them understand the benefits of staying physically fit and active and allow them opportunities to actually learn how to fly in a safe environment! We also take time to develop skills in coping with pressure situations and being able to deliver a performance when it really counts! We also do our best to encourage an inclusive team-orientated atmosphere amongst our youngsters. This is a vital learning opportunity for kids developing at different paces within an essentially individual sport. This young team are learning to be just that, a team. Supporting each other in their triumphs and their disappointments and always respecting and empathising with each other. Travelling away as a group to National competitions has helped to make them thrive in this aspect and we’d love to be able to buy new matching team leotards and tracksuits so that they can march out onto the competition floor with confidence and a sense of unity.
Our athletes and their families have spent many, many hours fundraising to get to where we are so it would be brilliant to have a helping hand from the Aviva community

York Artistic Sports Club - Trampoline

Moment of Pride

All of the gymnasts, volunteer coaches and parents involved in YASC are so committed to helping each child achieve their full potential in their sport. They recognise the value of pursuing dreams and delivering memorable experiences that stay with our kids for a lifetime.

Location: York