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Robin Hood Gymnastics Club (RHGC) is a local gymnastics club located in Nottingham run by ex GB Coach Claire Starkey. Claire has a wealth of experience having coached over 35 gymnasts who have represented Great Britain, was the England Team Coach for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and has coached at 9 World Championships and 12 European Championships.
Gymnastics as a sport has increasingly become more popular since the success of British gymnasts in the 2012 Olympic Games and the 2014 Commonwealth Games. RHGC was formed by Claire in 2014 when it became apparent that the facilities in the Nottingham area could not meet the growing demand for gymnastics. Located in the north of Nottingham although originally set up as a gymnastics club RHGC has striven to meet the continual demands of the local community. This has meant that the club has grown faster and more diverse than originally forecast.
The membership prediction for the first year was 500 with plans for 700 members by the end of 2016, we now have 900 members and 300 other local community users who are non-members. RHGC regularly meets with groups from the local community such as the Sikh Temple and the Nottingham Free School to discuss how best we can serve the local community, appeal to those hard to reach young people and offer affordable relevant activities. To date these activities, include dance, martial arts, yoga, circuit training, tumbling and parkour, Tai chi for autistic adults and even Spanish lessons in our party room/staff room.
We would also like to help raise awareness and support local charities and have recently hosted a Macmillan Cancer Coffee morning for the local community in our café area.
We also cater for disability gymnastics and have worked closely with the region`s disability gymnastic coordinator to set up taster disability sessions to gauge local interest, which has shown a strong requirement. We are very privileged to have Tasha Coates the British Disability Champion training with us full time and we aim to provide gymnastics to other disability gymnasts of all levels.
We are open 7 days a week from 9:30am to 9:00pm so to accommodate the 400 budding young gymnasts and approximately 300 non-gymnastic users on the waiting list the need to expand and enhance the current facility has become urgent.
To help us achieve this we need to alter our building access, provide new equipment and change the layout of the gymnasium.
We have spent many months researching and consulting with local builders, parents, the local community and the supporter’s committee on how best to change the building for the benefit of all users and to enable us to provide training & facilities for disability gymnasts.
We feel the expansion will not only meet the current demand but provide us with the potential to have a far greater reach and for increased engagement into the local community.
As well as increasing our membership and providing gymnastics and sporting opportunities to the community the expansion will Increase our coach & volunteer recruitment & opportunity. We have had several success stories already in regards to our coaching team as we have successfully supported & mentored 8 young people through their coaching qualifications. Sports participation helps build positive self-esteem in children and young people and is proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of physical & mental well-being. It also helps develop social skills as they learn to interact not only with other children, but also with older individuals such as coaches and sports officials. Participating in sports teaches leadership, team-building and communication skills that will help them in school, their future career & personal relationships. Finally, building on the success of our British Gymnasts & Athletes the expansion and enhancement of RHGC will allow children in the local community whatever ability to reach their full potential and help them lead positive & healthy lives.

Robin Hood Gymnastics Club

Location: Nottingham

The club is focussed on their community in particular those harder to reach individuals & families. The clubs development is important for the well being of all of their members particularly those who may be disadvantaged. This project will have a significant positive effect on the local community
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