Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are looking to build a new communal facility which will not just act as a catering unit but will also provide invaluable space for education and development.

Friarmere Cricket Club has existed since 1864 but in recent years has feel on hard time resulting in it nearly going out of business in 2013.

The current facility we have on site was condemned by the council in 2017 are we are desperately in need of replacing it.

The facility will not just serve as a catering facility but will also provide valuable additional space for everyone concerned. We currently have 3 Senior Teams and 4 Junior teams including one all girls team.

We have identified that a wooden construction log cabin will provide us with all the space we need as well as fitting in nicely with the surrounding countryside.

Friarmere Cricket Club

Moment of Pride

in recent years it has risen from the jaws of extinction to becoming a real community outlet. we have grown our membership from 50 to in excess of 100 members and are proud to be one of the oldest cricket clubs in britain

Location: Delph