Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Just a Card started as a social media campaign in 2014 to support locally based, independent, creative retailers and art galleries across the country by encouraging visitors to buy “Just a Card” and thereby support the quality, range and number of creative shops and outlets. In the past three years it has grown from one person to include a team of ten volunteers from across the country who regularly contribute to the campaign by maintaining a website, supporting not for profit activities and generally working to enhance the quality and diversity of creative business operating in local High streets across the UK. We are now looking for support to pay an administrator to coordinate a membership schemes across the network and to pay for the design and distribution of membership stickers to be displayed in participating retailers and galleries.

Just a Card

Moment of Pride

We have attracted the support of 1000s of artists and designers across the country. We are distributing a charity Christmas card designed by the actor Benedict Cumberbatch and we are proud to have secured the support of so many people and the endorsement of well known individuals.

Location: London