Skills for life

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Andrews Community Digital Project is a community based project that will transform an unused classroom into a digital hub for use by the entire community. The aim of this project is to create a user friendly ICT suite that can be accessed by all members of our community to learn new skills, to develop existing skills and to connect communities in a safe, shared space.

The funding required is to transform a currently unused space into an attractive, thriving hub for learning. Where people of all ages can come to learn together and to create together whilst connecting the school community to the wider community.

We have identified a need to provide a space where people can come to learn new skills that will enhance their lives. For example we want to offer access to I-pads and computer equipment to people of all ages in order to help them to communicate better and to better understand new technologies. This learning will empower people to better understand the fast changing world of digital technologies. Parents and grandparents will be given access to new skills and young people will have a safe space to use digital equipment that will help them with their education.

The Andrews Community Digital Project has been an ambition of the school PTA for a number of years. We are keen to bridge the gap between knowledge that can discourage parents and grandparents from fully participating in the education of their children and grandchildren. This suite will be offered to all members of the community throughout the day and during the evenings. We want to encourage life long learning through good access and quality tuition.

The space is located in an area of the school that can be isolated from other school classrooms and we are confident that there is sufficient support from the wider community to enable this ambition to happen. We are actively involved with older peoples' groups in the area and we regularly hold intergenerational activities both during school time and after school. We understand that the school community represents a wide demographic of people and interests and we believe that this project is the catalyst to connecting those people.

The funding will be used to contract a supplier who will make the room suitable by installing caballing and trucking to support the digital equipment. We will also have to fit a new floor and purchase suitable desks and chairs along with painting the room to make it an attractive space. We already have most of the digital equipment necessary for this project.

Andrews Memorial Primary School PTA

Moment of Pride

This project is about connecting community and school in a safe, shared space where everyone feels welcome and everyone is encouraged to learn no matter what their age. We are proud of the community support for this initiative and of the school for allowing this to be considered.

Location: Comber