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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Priestwood Vale FC were formed in October 2016 to make a difference to football in our local community. The Priestwood area of Bracknell had been without a youth football side for a number of years and I decided it was time to change this. From about March 2016 I started to research and plan in order to get as much knowledge as I could to ensure it would get off the ground. We have really achieved so much within one year and the project we would like funding for will only grow us as a club and a community.

We have managed to get so much done in a short space of time. We have registered with the FA, built our first ever squad of young players and built an association with the local primary school. I was personally invited to Dortmund, Germany in February this year to meet with their directors and community leaders to learn from one of the most forward thinking and largest football clubs in the world. This came about because they believed in us and they believed in what we want to achieve, we are very hopeful you feel the same way. We have been responsible for increasing football participation at the school by over an estimated 300% just by running our half term soccer camps and appearing at summer fetes and community events. The towns Mayor is also on board with us and has been extremely supportive and have the local councillors.

Whilst we have achieved a hell of a lot in a short space of time we are by no means finished. We want to make a huge difference to young people and the community for years to come and we will only be able to do this by growing. We have a nice facility to play football in and we are grateful for what we have but with some investment and support we could do so much more. Below are the outlined improvements we would be able to make with your investment:

*Changing facilities for our players

*Improvements to the playing surface of the all weather pitch, bring it up to modern standards

*Floodlighting for the all weather pitch so we can train and play all year round

*Improved storage facilites to make us more secure and enable us to purchase better equipment for our players to use

*The ability to fund Bracknell's first girls only football league, female particpation was unheard of before we started our "girls only" days. They are now our most popular training camp!

*Funding of coaching qualifications - We want our coaches to be as qualified as possible in order to give the children at our club the best possible coaching we can

As we grow in competitive team numbers through the next few years all of the above is so crucial to us. We have the chance and the passion to make a huge difference to youth football locally. We are not just a football club, we are a community and we are very proud of where we are from and the children we coach.

Priestwood Vale Football Club

As the founder and president of Priestwood Vale FC I am hugely proud of us and what we have done in such a short space of time. In under a year we have gone from an idea on a piece of paper to a fully functional competitive youth football team & coaching provider in a very short space of time.

Location: Bracknell