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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Dial Wood Carriage Driving for the Disabled is a registered charitable organisation based in West Yorkshire. We are run entirely by volunteers, with each volunteer offering a few hours per week. Our volunteers are trained in first aid, safeguarding, health and safety, stable management and preparing ponies for carriage driving. Our volunteers also have the opportunity to work towards their own individual achievement awards, including the young equestrian leader award and the Duke of Edinburgh award.

At Dial Wood our aim is to provide our clients with the opportunity to build their confidence and self-esteem. To support their personal well-being, their development and to enable them to achieve their full potential whilst having fun. We offer carriage driving and pony based activities for children, young people and adults with disabilities. These can be physical disabilities or learning disabilities. We currently have three hard working driving ponies who provide a carriage driving experience for our clients, both ambulant and wheelchair users. We also have one miniature horse, who is used for pony care activities and pony picnics.

Carriage driving is a great alternative for anyone who is unable to ride a horse. The rhythmic movement of the carriage provides a relaxing experience, whilst the driving also helps to develop muscle strength and co-ordination. Our clients are in control of their sessions, deciding whether they want a relaxing ride, enjoying the freedom of the open air and countryside or to be more active, driving and controlling the ponies. We also support our volunteers and clients in pony care activities, learning how to groom and care for the ponies, making hay nets and how to stay safe around the stables. Whilst at Dial Wood our clients learn to communicate with the ponies and the volunteers. This enables them to make friendships, build their self-esteem and confidence, gives them independence and allows them to have fun.

“I love the feel of the wind and the speed when I am driving.”

“It’s fantastic to see Josh taking charge and supporting others, leading and caring for the ponies.”

As a charity we are reliant on fundraising and donations to keep our sessions running and providing the high level of care our clients deserve. We are looking to extend our current client base to offer our services to new users. If we are successful we will use the funds towards maintaining our equipment and to support our marketing drive for new clients.

Dial Wood Carriage Driving for the Disabled

Moment of Pride

The commitment, dedication and support given by the volunteers at Dial Wood is fantastic. It is brilliant to see the enjoyment and delight on all the clients faces when they make friends with the ponies and build up the trust and confidence to go out and experience the freedom of carriage driving.

Location: Flockton