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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Borough of Barnet and North London area are well-served with swimming pools, but NONE of these facilities offer access to deep or shallow water sporting activities through a pool with a moveable floor. A moveable floor immediately enables access not only to disabled, autistic, elderly and other minority groups who are currently not able to participate in a wider variety of sporting activities and hydrotherapy in the water but also for an increasingly inactive sector of our youth. Obesity and inactivity are becoming real long term health problems and inactive sectors of the community will be able to engage in water sports at all levels and abilities to increase sports participation. Thrilling sports such as diving are proven to attract youths and marginalised social groups looking for a water sport that offers additional personal challenge, whilst the autistic community for example, whose children generally cannot cope with noise levels experienced in regular swimming facilities, will be able to access a quiet pool area and adapt the water depth to the needs of individual users.

A pool with a moveable floor also offers extended sporting activities for a broad cross-section of the community wishing to engage in for example diving at height from boards at 1, 3 and 5 metres, synchronised swimming, water polo, aqua aerobics and sub aqua diving. None of these sporting activities are possible in a regular pool.

We are seeking advice from the English Federation of Disability Sport to ensure the pool plans include the most cutting edge facilities for entering and exiting the pool to enable access to the widest possible range of user groups. There are no similar facilities within North London and the surrounding area so providing these facilities will enable a wider choice of sporting and fitness activities for all. As part of our plan we will instruct a sport consultancy to deliver a feasibility study that will highlight the exact groups to target together with the needs of each user group in order that we can fulfil our aim to increase both the variety of sports on offer and sports participation in general, for all.

We are a company with charitable aims that are currently awaiting gaining charitable status.

North London Aquatics

Location: England, NW4 1PX, United Kingdom

This ground-breaking project in the North London area that will provide access to sections of the community who have never experienced water sporting activities before. Its legacy will directly impact the health & wellbeing of more than 2 generations of local people who might have remained inactive
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