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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Hanging Grimston is a Scheduled Ancient Monument in the Yorkshire Wolds consisting of the remains of a deserted medieval village. For the past three years the High Wolds Heritage Group has, with professional supervision, been involved in a community archaeology dig for a fortnight in summer. Local people, many new to digging, have uncovered medieval, sixteenth century and bronze age remains. Volunteers are introduced to new practical skills and the rigours of scientific investigation and conservation can be learnt. In the processing of finds, digital technology can be used to record the details. The process of exploration of the site has led volunteers to a better appreciation of local heritage. Some of our members have gone on to take up the pastime of amateur archaeology after their first encounter with archaeology at Hanging Grimston. To be able to continue to offer this experience again this year we would be grateful for support to organise a fortnight's dig this summer

High Wolds Heritage Group

Moment of Pride

Enables local people to develop an understanding and appreciation of their heritage whilst developing interests and skills

Location: Kirby Underdale