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In just 73 seconds, our project video “Could these drinks coasters save lives?” made earlier this year by Aviva describes what Cameron’s Coasters are, and why we started the project.

Please watch the video and vote for Cameron’s Coasters!

We would like your votes so we can get Cameron's Coasters into more universities, colleges, schools and other communities across the UK. Cameron suffered in silence with depression for 7 years before he took his own life during his final year at university. We discovered that he was not alone, and neither were we: 10% of children and young people in the UK have a clinically diagnosable mental health condition, and 20 per cent of students consider themselves to have a mental health problem. 1 in 4 people will be affected by a mental health problem each year. We decided to set up a charity in Cameron’s memory to help others suffering in this way.

We want to encourage all, and especially young people, to speak up and ask for help rather than to soldier on battling poor mental health on their own. We created Cameron’s Coasters which are simple drink mats with the message “Don’t bottle it up. There is always someone you can talk to.” on one side, and contact details for people who can help on the other. We work with universities & colleges to customise Cameron’s Coasters so that they carry the help details that are important for each place they are used.

Cameron’s Coasters have been very well received. With support from the Aviva Community Fund in previous years we have produced 325,000 coasters for 66 universities. We have included images of Coasters with national helplines with our submission; you can see all the other Coasters we have made on our website:

Prompted by Cameron’s school, we now also produce Cameron’s Cards, plastic cards with our key message “There is always someone you can talk to” and with the same help line information as Coasters. The Cards are the same size as credit cards so they fit easily in a wallet making it easy to have them with you all the time. The plastic cards are much more durable but they are also more expensive to produce. As with Coasters, images of Cards with national helplines are included with this project description, and you can see more on our website (same link as above).

We are always looking for other communities that would benefit from Cameron’s Coasters or Cards. We have produced Coasters for 2 workplaces, a police force, 5 GP practices and several pubs. If you know a community that might want Cameron’s Coasters, please get in touch via We design, print and distribute Coasters and Cards at no cost to the community that uses them.

Mental health problems can affect anyone, at any time, and there is no shame in seeking help for any illness, physical or mental. We want to get our key message “There is always someone you can talk to” to as many people as we can. We hope that by spreading this message openly and honestly, we can help many others in Cameron's memory. We miss Cameron an unbelievable amount and we so wish that he had asked for help.

Please vote for Cameron’s Coasters.

Carol & Evan Grant

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Cameron Grant Memorial Trust

Moment of Pride

Cameron’s Coasters are simple drink mats with a powerful message: "Don't bottle it up. There is always someone you can talk to". We are proud that they are being used in large numbers across the UK, working silently in Cameron’s memory to encourage others to speak up and ask for help.

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