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'The Paddock' is home to Bury Broncos Amateur Rugby League Club – it is a 1930’s cricket Pavilion that had previously fallen into disrepair and was inherited a few years ago under the condition we would bring it back into use and restore it to former glories.

In 2016 the Broncos successfully crowdfunded a project to make the facility fit for purpose as a community hub, perfect for hosting junior rugby games on Sunday mornings. A kitchen and better facilities were installed so that it can be a real home to the Bury Broncos as they grow.

They are one of the fastest growing rugby league clubs around. Formed in 2008, and with juniors only getting underway in 2012 they currently field two adult sides each week and support three junior age groups. The aim is to keep growing and encouraging more and more teams to form, fulfilling a constitutional aim to offer the opportunity to play the sport to everyone within the locality.

However, there is a big issue at present that has yet to be resolved at the facility – one that can endanger young children and make it difficult for everyone who wants to participate to get involved.

The surround of the old pavilion is still unfit for purpose and it is vitally important the club move to put this right as soon as possible. One side of The Paddock is on a raised, exposed concrete foundation. This is at one of the most important access points on the grounds, at the foot of the entrance gate next to their storage and the closest point to leave to go to the pitch to play.

Presently taking the form of a ‘step’ this needs to be replaced with an accessible ramp to allow entry to the club for all, as well as making the area safer for all; the grass floor at the foot of the foundation makes the ‘step’ extremely precarious for those using it in wet weather – something Manchester certainly isn’t short of!

Further complicating things is the proximity of the fence that surrounds the Paddock to the exposed foundation, leaving a small gap that makes for another potentially hazardous spot for children and adults alike. Where the club makes best efforts to cordon this off and prevent exposure to it, there is real danger that injury could be suffered from the trapping of a limb between fence and foundation.

The pathway which circles the building is cracked and broken, making it dangerous to traverse at times as well, only adding to the works that need doing to make the facility safe, secure and fit for the future.

As a volunteer-led, community club the Broncos are willing to put in work to make alterations as cost-effective and successful as possible, but works of this nature need specialist help and any help that can be provided with your support would be hugely appreciated.
Bury Broncos have been an active community sports club in Bury for 10 years, picking up multiple awards for their volunteer community work on the way. They exist purely on the donations of local businesses; project funding for sports & member donations so this would make a real difference to them!

Bury Broncos

Moment of Pride

It's run entirely by volunteers who work extremely hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people of all ages and from all sections of the community. Sport can bring people together and I love to see people particularly the children enjoying being part of a team and learning new skills

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