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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Liberty Christian Ministries (LCM) is a church located in Norbury (between the boroughs of Lambeth, Merton and Croydon) where the social deprivation index is elevated. The surrounding communities are lacking projects that support people with life limiting conditions, namely elderly frail and people with mental health issues.

From developing collaborative work with other local agencies and healthcare partners we have identified that residents in these three boroughs still have unmet social needs despite all the efforts from the local authorities.

LCM has developed the CAT Project – Community Action Team – with the aim of tackling social isolation among community members who spend long hours alone as a result of their physical, social or psychological situation. This project was developed in two mainstreams:
1. Befriending Service;
2. Day Centre;

Residents in both boroughs may freely use one service or the other accordingly with their individual needs and specific circumstances. We value the diversity of people in these three boroughs and the project aims to outreach any person who is or feels alone.

Befriending Service

Aims to develop a network of trained volunteers who are willing to offer their time, companionship and support to people living in these three boroughs who are dealing with life limiting conditions, struggle with loneliness and could do with some extra support.

Volunteers would flexibly offer 1-2 hours per week and be matched according to the needs of a service user local to them and within the legal framework for befriending supportive services.
Activities are varied, going from simply offering companionship, emotional support and a listening ear to practical support like preparing a cup of tea, helping people to stay connected with the community or even directing the service user to other local agencies.

The funding required will be used to hire for 12 months a part-time community engagement coordinator (CEC) who will triage referrals to the service, recruit volunteers and also ensure that they receive the adequate and legally required training. Furthermore, the money will be used to pay for all DBS checks and support the CEC with travelling costs in order to support the volunteers.

Volunteers will learn new skills, whilst making the difference to people who live isolated in the local community. They will have permanent support and supervision from the community engagement coordinator in case they face any challenging situation.
At the moment we have 10 available volunteers to start the service with the aim of recruiting up to 25 volunteers who could support up to 75 residents in their own homes.

Day Centre

At LCM we have a space that can be used as a day centre to promote social interaction and offer diverse activities which favour physical and mental wellbeing. There are many trained and registered nurses volunteering with us making possible to offer basic health screening, medicines management advice and counselling.

We are aiming to provide simple meals and refreshments in order to allow people to remain on site for longer hours. We have capacity to accommodate up to 15 people per day, 3 days per week (45 in total per each month).

During 12 months we would be able to organise recreational activities like games, quiz type games and introducing guest speakers focusing on relevant topics to the community members attending.

The funding would support the acquisition of a small transport van and allow to certify 2 volunteer drivers with the adequate licences to ensure safe patient transport.
We want to audit the service during the 12 month period and establish protocols with the local authorities and other local providers in order to ensure continuity of the service.

Please vote for CAT as it will outreach people who don't have other local providers supporting them with their social needs and who is on a long waiting list to use other services.

Thank you!

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Liberty Christian Ministries (LCM)

Moment of Pride

This charity has developed successful initiatives and is well established in supporting people at different social levels, engaging with different individuals. As a community clinical nurse specialist working with the local hospice I identify the need extra social support to local residents.

Location: Norbury Crescent, London, United Kingdom