Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Roundabout is a much loved and valued local monthly magazine. Even in this technological age, the magazines as a printed publication, is recognised as being of value in releving loneliness, contributing to mental well being and fostering friendship, especially amongst the elderly. The magazine remains relevant to a wide sector of the local community, as a means of spreading news about forth coming and past event. Unfortunately though, as people move away or die, the distribution numbers have declined and we want to give the distribution a boost and increase the circulation numbers. A truly collaborative and inclusive communication, with articles submitted from a wide range of individuals and groups, the magazine is distributed across the parishes north of Ripon, in the villages and surrounding areas. Because of the local business contributions in the form of advertising revenue, the magazine is given gravitas and together with a subscription income, it is annually self funding. A grant from Aviva Community Fund would enable the editorial team, together with distributors and local parish councils to run a promotional campaign.

Sharow Parochial Church Council

Moment of Pride

As a community based and wholly volunteer run venture, we take pride in producing and distributing an informative and entertaining local magazine. We want to spread the news and increase our publication numbers with a funding boost from Aviva Community Fund. Help us help others to staying connected.

Location: Sharow