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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Ok, so why do we deserve your precious vote?

Well, we are Stratford upon Avon Hockey Club based in the heart of the community in the midlands, sharing a pitch with the High School and run exclusively by volunteers.
We offer Hockey to Children who are old enough to run, right through the age range up to those who are getting to old to run!!! A club with a big heart and loads of enthusiasm but one where facilities are limited and have to be used to the max.

The regular club Juniors train during the week and has both boys and girls playing against other clubs in Under 8, 10, 12, 14, Badgers and the transition into adult hockey, Great Britain and an Olympic medal!!

Being a truly community based club, proud to wear on our kit the logos of ‘Cancer Research’ and ‘The Town Trust’ we wanted to take the great benefits of Hockey out of the club and onto the streets to engage with children of all backgrounds and abilities. We want to share the fitness, fresh air, teamwork, leadership and competition of the game. But mostly the fun of playing.

We desperately need you to vote as we need to purchase training aids and pitch dividers which will allow us to maximise the use of our pitch and make sure a safe and effective environment for the kids.

We set up engaged with children: ‘Hockey Tots’ engaging with children down to the age of two. Junior outreach to schools, helping train teachers and help children who have perhaps never engaged with the sport.

Both have proved a massive success with the junior section receiving over a 100 Children on the first night of the season who wanted to play the game. A fantastic success and we now have come up with plans to maximise our limited resources and pitch to train our children.
The funding will supply the solution to achieve this by providing pitch dividers, and training aids allowing us to provide an effective and safe environment to develop.

So please vote and support our volunteers with the kit that will allow us to continue this success as we build on the amazing success of Olympic gold and move towards 2018 and the England ladies World Cup in London.

(Please face book Stratford Hockey Club for the most amazing photos or our web site fo more information on our story)

Thank You.

Stratford Hockey Club

Moment of Pride

I am so proud of the club for being selfless in developing this project. The volunteers who are the club and have delivered the successes.
The children's faces as they develop a new skill or excel when they had previously failed . The project for allowing so many new children to participate.

Location: Warwickshire, United Kingdom