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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


I started Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group in March 2010 as a constituted community organisation after my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease . Our family saw there seemed to be no social groups which were available for my parents to attend together. In those early days we held one session each month in East Hull where attendees were able to join in an activity that allowed them to have fun and gain support and friendship from other couples facing the same challenges.
Our ethos is “There is life after a diagnosis of dementia”. We aim to support families and find ways of encouraging those with dementia to recognise and use the skills that remain for as long as possible, and not highlight those that are lost.
The group slowly developed into the registered charity we are today, offering a wide range of groups which include a music/singing group, walking group, a weekly luncheon club for isolated gentlemen, and monthly activity sessions across Hull and the East Riding. In addition to the regular groups we arrange several trips and outings to theatres and museums.

At our weekly luncheon club in addition to providing a freshly cooked meal, we try to provide activities which encourage those attending to be more active. These include indoor and outdoor sports, gardening, dancing, visits from animal charities and visits to museums. We aim to improve both physical and mental wellbeing through our activities and reduce social isolation and increase participation of those who would otherwise be completely inactive and never leave their home.

Isolation has an impact on the person’s wellbeing and self worth. A diagnosis of dementia is the cause of loneliness not only for the person with dementia but has a great effect on their main carer, often a spouse or close family member and their extended family. It is a challenge to find activities that stretch all of those attending, whilst being mindful of the frustration some activities can cause to those who are losing skills.
We offer a wide range of talks about local history, industry, hobbies and travel. By far the most popular activities are those which involve using practical skills the gentlemen have learned through their lives. Our Activities include: Indoor/outdoor sports eg golf, botcha, bowling, table tennis, chair exercise; Interactive visit from the birds of prey and animal organisations where attendees are invited to handle and train the animals; percussion work shops and gardening in our allotment the grounds at the venue.
An important development from this group is the support which we offer to the unpaid carers who bring their loved ones along to this group. Whilst our main focus is on the men, the ladies get together in a separate room where they can off load and share their experiences, support each other and receive training in understanding dementia from our staff.
We have four members of part time staff and currently 8 volunteers.
The group is regularly attended by 30 to 40 people. If we were successful in the competition we would hope to:-
*to offer these tried and tested workshops on a more regular basis than our funding currently allows. which cost between £150 and £300 per session.
*Subsidise transport by taxi for those who would otherwise be unable to attend.
*Provide training forums in Understanding Dementia for both carers and our volunteers

Words from some of our attendees and carers:-
Marjy "My Dad could not be in better hands"

Tricia cares for her husband " I really could not have coped without the support at luncheon club, there really was very little help for me to understand what was happening to Graham, the support has been a God send "

Rob (person with dementia) "This group has given me my life back, I really felt I had nothing to live for. Now I can't wait for Mondays when I know I will be helping with the vegs for everyone's dinner!!"

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Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group

We are changing lives by supporting the person living with dementia and the family members who are important to them.
We listen to what activities people want and facilitate it.
Our training ensures that families are able to give great care at home.
Our staff & volunteers go the extra mile

Location: Hull