Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Our community project is to add in additional training / teaching / coaching aids and equipment to enable additional involvement especially within the age 2 to 5 pre-school age group . We are striving for our facility to become a hub for parents to access, a place that will bring them together through gymnastics but one that also keeps children and parents coming back. We would like our facility to offer a service that is not available within the community area, currently Dynamite Gymnastics is the only facility dedicated to Gymnastics in the West Dunbartonshire area. We are aiming to improve the facilities we currently have and this will allow is to develop and use techniques that will build on our gymnasts’ skills. We will be able to make use of any new equipment via the range of classes we offer, whether this is the enhanced pre-school program or general gymnastics classes through all levels to our elite acrobats and tumblers, the use will not be ring fenced and will benefit the whole club, in particular it will make skill acquisition easier thus encouraging our Gymnasts stay with the sport longer and participation into teenage years will increase. Alongside our development programs we want to be able to retain our position as the top club in Scotland for Tumbling. A big aim for the club is to build on our pre-school program, increase our numbers in our recreational programs and further build on our development programs, thus reaching deep into the community and building on the success for all involved.

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Dynamite Gymnastics Club

Moment of Pride

We provide a place for members of our community to meet up and offer the chance for people to interact using the commonality of gymnastics. This will go some way to alleviate any feelings of isolation or loneliness. For the kids involved, the facility will be a place they can make life long friends.

Location: Clydebank