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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Inn Churches Storehouse. “Practical Support for those who need it most”.

We have had an amazing and productive year right across the city. Working with over 30 community groups to help find sustainable solutions to accessing affordable food. In the course of our work this year at the Storehouse we rescued 100 tonnes of Surplus Food this has had a massive reach in contributing around 238,000 meals. The value of these meals would be around £168,000. This has saved food from going to landfill and also made cost savings of around £7,500.

We have piloted mini markets across the city for some of the lowest income families. Our work has seeded coffee mornings, cooking groups, food demonstrations and cook and eat sessions. We have hosted events to bring a diverse range of groups to the Storehouse.

But most of all we have created a sense of community and belonging for those who seek it within the Storehouse. For a small charity we have made a BIG impact.

We have developed a community café which has at its heart has inclusivity. The breaking down of barriers over the breaking of bread. Our community Soup has brought together community groups who had never heard of each others good work let alone sat down to eat together and look at solutions to community involvement.

Our Winter Shelter provided 1428 Bed spaces for 65 individuals, taking them off the Streets and accommodating them in 17 Winter shelters with the support of over 800 volunteers. Our welfare Manager looks at longer term housing and support for them, working with some of the most hard to reach has a long term benefit on their health conditions.

One of our ways of fund raising is to host a sleep out, which we do annually called "Suits On The Streets" this is a night of "sleeping rough" for business people, whilst it will never fully replicate the
horrors of rough sleeping it helps us connect with people and raise funds for our shelters.

Our Storehouse has inspired other charity groups and an organic network of centres are now appearing in other cities.

If we were able to receive funding from Aviva we would employ a Catering manager to work with the community groups and link the work at the Storehouse to our network across the city. This would provide a high quality service that teaches people of ages and abilities how to cook healthy nutritious, affordable meals from scratch. By developing these skills they aim to Influence them to make better food, diet and health related lifestyle changes for themselves and their families.

Come and pay us a visit! We look forward to hosting you.

Inn Churches

Moment of Pride

For a small team we make a massive impact. We have the equivalent of only 3.5 full time staff but through our network of 800 volunteers we reach our aims. The team are amazing and have a can do attitude. We work hard, have fun and achieve a lot. Helping lots of people along the way.

Location: Bradford