Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Our Scout Hut is a wooden 1930s Army hut that was rebuilt in East Coker in 1984. We are working hard to prepare it for another 30 years of scout activity and have already built new toilets and kitchen.

Our membership numbers have increased over the last six years and each section, beavers, cubs and scouts is running near capacity.

The hall is the core of the building and this needs attention to make it more inviting during the colder months. Our old gas heating system became unserviceable over the summer and has been removed which leaves only four old electric heaters in the ceiling.

We are about to replace the single glazed windows and so the £1,000 from the Aviva Community Fund will be used to install modern space heaters to make the hall a comfortable area for all ages.

The activities the young people undertake in the hall can be anything from making face masks, to ball games, to pioneering with poles and ropes so it is essential that the hall can be heated whenever necessary.

All these changes that we are making will deliver the best modern standards which will also increase our energy efficiency and help reduce running costs; money we can then utilise on our scout activity programme for our current and future generations of scouts.

East Coker Scout Group

Moment of Pride

To see a young person start as a 6 year old beaver, develop in confidence, skills and experience through participation in all our scouting activities and then return to help run a section as a Young Leader. All this is achieved with great voluntary support from leaders, parents and the community.

Location: East Coker