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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


BACKGROUND: Carryduff Gaelic Athletic Club (GAC) is located in Co. Down and is the largest amateur sporting organisation in our council area. Our cross-community club fields 33 teams in girls & boys football and hurling and has a strong cultural ethos. Its focus is to nurture and develop our children through sport, language and music in order to help them become the leaders of tomorrow. We rely entirely on voluntary subscriptions, donations and grant income to maintain and develop our facilities for future generations. Carryduff GAC is the vibrant hub of the community & caters to the needs of our diverse membership.

Our Club was set up in 1972 & has grown hugely in the intervening years to 1003 members in 2017, who span the entire age & social spectrum of the area, with ages ranging from 5 to 74 yrs old. The club prides itself on inclusivity & boasts the largest number (396) and proportion (39.5%) of female members in any sporting organisation in our council area. Our Ladies teams have enjoyed particular success at the highest levels, by winning, for the first time in our Club's history, the Co. Down Senior Championship in 2017.

NEED: The absence of floodlights in our club prevents winter training and effectively means that our facilities are not available for evening use from Oct – Mar of each year, which exacerbates teen drop-out rates. Following widespread consultation with club members, we have decided that our number one focus for our club development in 2018 is to provide a floodlit training pitch. Therefore, we request funding of ~£25k to permit installation of 4 floodlights for our Youth Pitch. Without these, our 33 teams of girls and boys cannot train during the evenings past 7:00 pm and as a consequence our facilities remain unused in the evenings from Oct to Mar. As our accompanying video shows, this renders our facilities redundant and the resultant lack of training contributes significantly to the drop-out rates of teenage members experienced by our club after each winter.

WHAT WE WILL DELIVER: This is a standalone project that has been fully endorsed by membership & already has the necessary planning permission in place to proceed. It will require some minor civil works including the digging of foundations and tracks for cabling, which will be carried out by our volunteers and help promote social cohesion & teamwork. We have received estimates for the installation of cabling (£5,725) with appropriate electrical switchgear (£1,911) as well as the installation of 4 upright posts (£11,800) to support the 4 floodlights (£5,540). If successful, we will begin the civil works within 2 weeks of funding notification, and estimate that the supply, delivery and installation of the floodlights can be completed comfortably in under 6 months. We have the will, determination & experience to realise this project & we have delivered repeatedly on other grant funded projects. For example, in 2017 we completed the installation and fit out of a Community Hub at our club over the winter months of 2016. This is the social centre of our club and contributes greatly to social cohesiveness and inclusivity.

IMPACT & SUSTAINABILITY: This funding will have a sustained impact on the health and wellbeing of girls and boys in Carryduff for decades to come (given that the life span of the proposed lights is >20 years). At our current recruitment rate (60-100 new members), over the lifespan of the lighting, the funding will impact positively on >2500 people in our community. In the first year alone, provision of these floodlights will permit an additional 28, one hour, training slots per week at our pitches (6:00-10:00 pm Monday-Sunday), sufficient to ensure that almost all of our teams will have a training session each week. This, in turn, will help promote an active, healthy lifestyle, which improves both physical and mental wellbeing and, as illustrated in our video, will help reduce drop-out rate amongst teenage players.

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Carryduff GAC

Moment of Pride

Carryduff GAC is the sporting hub of our community with >1000 members. It provides opportunities for children and adults to develop their talent, learn the value of teamwork and forge lifelong bonds of friendship in a safe & supportive environment. We are proud to be members of this wonderful club!

Location: Carryduff