Funding level: Up to £1,000


Funding would be used to buy a rainbow coloured recycled plastic picnic bench with an extended top suitable for wheelchair users. We would also buy 3 recycled plastic window boxes for sensory plants. These would be installed at Martins Croft Play Area in Colerne which is in the centre of our village next to disabled toilet facilities.

The Parish of Colerne is a large village with 220 preschool children registered with the local health visitor in the Parish and 256 children registered as attending the village primary school, which is a total of 476 local children who would benefit from the improved facilities. In addition to this number would be visiting children from outside the parish and children with complex needs who attend other schools.

Our consultation survey about the play area was well supported and completed by 375 participants with overwhelming agreement that improvements would lead to greater use.

The UK Family Resources Survey 2015/16 states that 7% of children have a disability. This means that about 33 of our local children have a disability. Which is in line with what we have been told informally by parents and carers.
We are aiming to enable these children to play alongside their friends wherever possible. If we are granted £1000, that would be a spending of just £30 on each child with disabilities, on inclusive items which every child can enjoy together, that will last the length of their childhood and beyond.

As well as being colourful and fun the rainbow bench is made from recycled plastic and saves 2,874 milk containers from going to landfill, the 3 window boxes save 1029.

Families including those with additional needs could enjoy the play area for longer if there is somewhere to sit and feel more included in the community life. There are currently no facilities like this locally.

The sensory planters will benefit everyone not just those with disabilities - fragrant, rustling, vibrant and edible plants will educate children as well as being a thrill to the senses. We already have funding for the plants within the planters so all of the money if awarded would be used on solid, hard wearing, quality wheelchair accessible containers that will last for many years.

People should vote for our project to help make all children in our community feel included and valued no matter their ability.

Colerne Old School Charity for Martins Croft Play Area Project

Moment of Pride

We are proud that this volunteer run project has showed the great community spirit we have in our village with the support and encouragement given. The project will make a real difference to local disabled children and their family's enjoyment of the play area which we are proud to be part of.

Location: Colerne