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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Parkinson's disease is a neurological condition that causes tremor, rigidity and slowness of movement, among other things. It is set to affect more than 160,000 people in the UK by 2020, and there is no cure. Physical activity is recommended for those with the condition, and there is increasing evidence that dance, or movement to music, is especially beneficial. In addition to the physical benefits derived from the repetitive movements (performed seated or standing), well-chosen music has profound effects on both mood and mental wellbeing. The social benefits of being physically active and doing something enjoyable with others are equally important.

Move into Wellbeing® started its first dance class for people with Parkinson's and other mobility restrictions and their carers, in early 2015 in Chiswick, West London. We achieved registered charity status in spring of 2017. We now run two classes a week and demand is continuing to increase, principally through positive word of mouth and referral from health professionals. Our classes are devised and run for us by specially trained teachers from the established dance organisation®, and we are the only organisation offering this type of specialised dance class in our area.

The aim of our project is to establish a third weekly class to satisfy the demand for these classes and to meet the varied and fluctuating needs of our participants. The project has three elements

- We will train an additional teacher from® to specialise in Dance for Parkinson's methodology as created by Dance for PD® in New York City by the Mark Morris Dance Company. We would then sponsor this teacher to join us at our current classes to train and learn our methodology and structure.

- We will create and run an additional weekly dance class for our existing and new participants. We will consult to ensure that what is offered is aimed at presently unmet needs, both in terms of the timing of the class and in terms of the structure and content. Parkinson's is not only a progressive condition, it also manifests itself very differently and with varying severity in different individuals. Our aim is to make our classes as accessible as possible to the widest group of individuals.

- We will advertise, promote and generally spread the news of our new class through the full range of platforms available to us. We will devise a new leaflet, which will be distributed in our local area - both door to door, and via health professionals and local businesses. We will use our social media tools (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,) local media coverage, short videos, and photographs to show and share as we launch the new class and spread the news to our community.

Our ultimate aim is to make our classes accessible to all of those in our area who want to attend, as well as to promote the benefits of dance to the wider community.

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Move into Wellbeing®

The skill and hours of hard work put in to building dance programs to enrich people's lives are made worth-while by the visible improvement in participants' wellbeing that is achieved by attending our dance classes. Participants leave the class moving more freely, smiling, happier and more confident

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