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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Coaching and Umpire Training

Old Fincunians Netball Club is a community club based in Barnet, London. We currently have four senior teams and three Young Fincunians youth teams registered in the North London Netball League.

We are applying for funding to cover the cost of four seniors and four youths attending an England Netball recognised C award umpire course. We are also applying for funding for three seniors attending an England Netball recognised Level 1 coaching award course.

Our fundamental aim is to get more people to play more team sport. Netball is is on the rise. It is the fastest growing female sport in England. The increase is largely due to clubs up and down the country supporting the development of youth players and the return of senior players to the sport. Clubs, like Old Fincunians Netball Club, who are heavily reliant on amazing volunteer coaches and umpires.

Old Fincunians Netball Club encourages development of our own umpires and coaches within the club. The benefits to this are vast. Qualified coaches and umpires go out in to the local community and encourage new players to return to the sport. Due to the training of our own umpires, the club were able to run a mixed netball tournament in Barnet this summer open to all levels. It was a resounding success! We paired experienced players with male and female novices and heard first hand from participants who were motivated to return to netball.

Our passionate and enthusiastic coaches and umpires spend many hours of their own time working alongside the club members, providing positive role models for both the senior and junior teams.

Core up-skilling of our own talent ensures the sustainability of the club for the future. Our members have seen many clubs disband because they are unable to plan for coaching and umpiring succession.

Through the amazing talented coaching of the Young Fincunians, girls have been inspired and driven enough to trial at county level, with great success. The girls have the opportunity to train in the sport at club level and see progression as a real career option.

Below is a breakdown of our funding application:

Youth 1 C Umpire Course £45
Youth 2 C Umpire Course £45
Youth 3 C Umpire Course £45
Youth 4 C Umpire Course £45
Senior 1 C Umpire Course £60
Senior 2 C Umpire Course £60
Senior 3 C Umpire Course £60
Senior 4 C Umpire Course £60

Senior 1 Level 1 Coaching £150
Senior 2 Level 1 Coaching £150
Senior 3 Level 1 Coaching £150

Total £870

Currently the club do not have enough umpires to support all Saturday games and therefore we have to use external umpires for both the senior and youth league who require regular payment. The training of four youth umpires and four senior umpires will allow the club to become self-sufficient.

The senior and youth club have a limited amount of coaches who form a training committee. The training of three new coaches will ensure the sustainability of the club for the future.

Old Fincunians Netball Club

Moment of Pride

Since joining the club I have been overwhelmed by how hard the coaches and committee work to nurture talent. I got so much out of the club I was inspired by their commitment to want to put something back in by umpiring and coaching the youth side. They have been true role models.

Location: Woodhouse College (Stop FU), London, United Kingdom