Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We are a registered charity providing long term supported living care for 68 adults with physical and learning disabilities. To ensure that we provide the best possible facilities, accommodation and life choices for our tenants we have embraced the Supported Living model, recognised by the Government as the optimum model for providing care for adults with learning disabilities. We provide a caring and stimulating environment that makes for a happy and fulfilling life and the prevailing atmosphere is one of cheerful independence.

WorkTaste is a dynamic ‘in-house’ supported employment project working with local employers and community project partners to provide real employment experience for our tenants and the wider learning disabled community. Commencing in 2013, initially on a trial basis, the project has developed and grown to become one of our most successful projects.

This one-to-one supported employment project is aimed at providing our tenants and external beneficiaries the chance to experience a wide range of work placements in a real work setting We work with our local community to bring people together and contribute to local community life.

We are seeking funds that will specifically fund 5 work placements for project beneficiaries over the next 12 months, based on a unit cost per placement of £1,450.56.

There are around 1.5 million people with learning disabilities in the UK; the majority have few life opportunities and are often considered the most disadvantaged disabled group. Most people with a learning disability face multiple disadvantages, particularly in terms of access to education, employment, training and volunteering opportunities. Getting and holding down a job has traditionally been an enormous challenge for people with a learning disability.
The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities highlights that whilst 7% have a job, 65% want one.

No other organisation locally provides supported work placements for the people that we support. They are excluded from mainstream, outcome funded, welfare to work provision because of their support needs. WorkTaste aims to address this and help overcome these barriers. Your support will help us address these issues and continue this much needed service for our tenants and the wider learning disabled community.

Funds will cover the costs of our small WorkTaste staff team (3 members of staff) including our Work Taste Co-ordinator who manages the project on a day to day basis, organising and monitoring the placements, developing new links with employers, supervising our pool of job coaches and ensuring the project remains on track. The 1:1 support role played by our job coaches, supporting beneficiaries with the actual work tasks and all the associated work-related routines, including for some travel and training, is crucial to the success of WorkTaste.

Comments by past and current beneficiaries highlight the positive difference the WorkTaste project makes for all those involved:

‘I love it here, I feel part of the team’-from a beneficiary working as a Café Assistant at Tytherington Golf Club

‘My confidence increased at this placement, I was nervous at first but by the end I felt like part of the team and did not want to leave’-from a beneficiary working as a Marketing Assistant at Arighi Bianchi

‘I enjoy working on the computer and making sure the slides are positioned right. I also enjoy traveling on the bus to the placement and having a coffee with friends at the museum’-from a beneficiary working as a Museum Assistant at Congleton museum

‘This place is brilliant, I love it!’-from a beneficiary working as a Café Assistant at the Bridgend Centre.

‘I enjoy gardening and think it is good to do something for the community’-from a beneficiary working as a Gardener at St Peters Gardens.

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There is a clear consensus from all parties - beneficiaries, employers, staff, parents,families and external professionals alike that WorkTaste is really making a positive difference to the lives of our beneficiaries and the wider community.

Location: Cheshire East, United Kingdom