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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Aldersbrook Primary School is a large primary school with over 600 children which was in need of a new library but had limited space in the existing building. So someone had the great idea of turning a double decker bus into a library and parking it in the playground. We secured planning permission and were given a bus which is now parked in our playground. Thanks to the help of a couple of wonderful parents and their colleagues, the interior of the bus is being redesigned and refitted and should be ready in early 2018. But we need to fill our library with books! We'd like our library to be a special place for children to enjoy wonderful books - books suitable for all ages and abilities, plenty of books on the topics they're studying. We need funding so that we can buy the books for children to enjoy in their special new library. Once the library is in place we are confident it will be an inspiring space for children to develop their love of books and will always remember learning to read on their special bus! Please vote for our project so that we can fill our bus with books.

Aldersbrook Primary School Parent Teacher Association

Moment of Pride

We have only got this far thanks to a brilliant group of teachers and parents who had the vision for the bus library, helped secure planning permission and are now designing and refitting the bus. The children are sharing their ideas for the design and can't wait to use their library!

Location: Harpenden Road, London E12 5HL, United Kingdom