Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our project: The Hemsby Coastal Training Centre is a £350,000 capacity building project to support the development of a new state of the art coastal centre to relieve the increasing demands placed upon Hemsby Lifeboat as a declared facility rescue service.; to which we have already raised over £100,000 through community and private donations.

The new building project will house our updated inland and offshore lifeboats and marine tractor, alongside providing a community space, lecture hall and training resource, which will provide a range of training courses both funded and commercial to support:

- The sustainability of our rescue operations through both independent and voluntary support and to provide a unique resource and a feature of interest for the many visitors who come to the village every year;

- the training and development needs of local people who are seeking employment in maritime industries; and enhancing the work and trips we offer to local schools and colleges that are focused on improving coastal awareness and safety for young children and families;

- the station to carry out our responsibilities as the lead agency for Hemsby's emergency response teams and community resilience planning; including services relating to the station's status as the key operations centre in response to floods..

The project is really important to our local communities because:

- It will support local people to improve their skills, capacity and resilience, so they are better prepared to respond collaboratively and effectively to natural emergencies including coastal flooding, which is vital because:

- Hemsby faces significant and repeated risks of flooding; and without additional engagement and training in place that can support community responses, the property and lives of local people will undoubtedly be placed at greater risk, therefore this project is vital in helping residents to do more to support each other and those residents who may be vulnerable at times of risk due to age related illnesses, living in isolation or struggling to cope with long-term health conditions;

- over the last 12 months the service has been called out on over 40 occasions and placed on alert many more times; placing us as one of the busiest stations on the North Norfolk Coast; and without the building expansion, the service will not be able to put in place the equipment and resources that are required to safely meet the ongoing increases in demand;

- the high profile development will be incredibly important for the village; generating huge interest and support from residents, and local visitors during the holiday season.

The expansion of a community space and sea viewing area, the Station will have far greater capacity to add value to the work of many other local community groups and to aid commercial and social investment opportunities.

Community Involvement:

Great Yarmouth accounts for 39% of all of Norfolk’s neighbourhoods in the bottom 10% nationally for overall deprivations despite only comprising 11% of the county’s total population. These include being ranked at the very bottom out of 326 local authority areas for deprivations relating to education, skills and training and 37th for deprivations relating to income.

These issues are experienced most acutely in our coastal villages and we are committed to developing a training centre that can re-define local people's association with our coastline and the inherent local assets we have, including better connecting residents to:

- local employment opportunities for the Borough's key economic growth areas (renewable and offshore); which continue to be missed by local people due to local skills and training gaps;

- Hemsby has an ageing population, presenting low resilience to challenging situations and circumstances; driven by the impact of recent storms and flooding, the new site will help to provide improved safety measures for local residents

Hemsby Inshore Rescue Service

Hemsby Lifeboat is an amazing organisation; they provide and support fantastic community activities and events in addition to their core services.

They do a huge amount of work on the beach and for the village; all in a voluntary capacity, and they are always welcoming to visitors and schools.

Location: Hemsby