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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Our project aims to improve the health, well-being and development of special needs children attending Addington School in Reading.

Musical Hydrotherapy makes a real difference to the lives of children and adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) by improving their well-being, health and development. This is a new therapy that has been developed by Liquid Vibrations, a charity that is committed to improving outcomes for those with PMLD.

Musical Hydrotherapy works by placing underwater speakers inside a hydrotherapy pool and sound is then heard when any part of the head is placed in the water. The vibrations travel through the water and stimulate the inner ear directly. The result is a perception of sound that is incredibly detailed and the listener feels as if the are inhabiting a very safe and private space, a womb-like environment. The listening experience is accompanied with aquatic body work; a massage in the water that combines gentle graceful movements, stretching, acupressure, mobilisation of the joints in connection with breathing, conducted both on the surface and underwater. Musical Hydrotherapy helps participants reach deeper states of relaxation whilst improving their motor and sensory skills, communication and emotional development.

Our project is to provide Musical Hydrotherapy training and underwater speakers at Addington School for special needs children in Reading. This training will enable the school to embed this innovative therapy into their curriculum so that the 200 children who attend the school have access to and benefit from the therapy every year. Although the leadership team at the school are committed to finding new opportunities and ways to improve their provision so that their children can reach their full potential, unfortunately due to huge financial constraints on their budgets they are unable to offer this training to staff this year. The project costs £8000 and will initially benefit 8 teachers and 200 children at the school.

What the project will deliver:
Liquid Vibration practitioners will deliver the Comprehensive Musical Hydrotherapy Training programme during June and July 2018 and will include the following:

1) A 6 day training programme
2) Training 8 teachers
3) 8 PMLD children will participate in the training sessions
4) Two research and development meetings with senior leadership team to help measure the impact of the project and benefits to the students
5) Liaison with the music and swimming teachers at the school and form a suggested protocol on how to best deliver Musical Hydrotherapy sessions as part of curriculum
6) School provided with an assessment and evaluation framework to monitor changes in the children's behaviour inside and outside the water.
7) Underwater Speakers will be installed in the hydropool at the school

This funding will leave a lasting legacy on this school community by ensuring the skills and equipment are in place so that the children at the school will benefit from Musical Hydrotherapy year after year.

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Liquid Vibrations

Moment of Pride

Liquid Vibrations is a small charity with big aspirations. The team are working hard to bring Musical Hydrotherapy to every special school in the UK and want all PMLD children to benefit from this amazing therapy. They are an inspirational team and I am very proud to be part of it.

Location: Reading