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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


In a world where 90% of 9 to 10 year olds think that women and men have the same chance at succeeding in their jobs, but only 35% of 17 to 21 year-olds feel the same our project will support girls and young women to achieve their career goals. Following research amongst our membership. there is clearly a gap in available information for girls and young women about future career choices. We plan to address this by enabling up to 3,000 girls and young women aged 10-21 to attend 1 of 4 Career Roadshows across the North West in 2018 and producing a pack of resources to help those not able to attend the events. The roadshows will be offered to both members and non-members in the target age range. We have 13,000 female members in the 10-21 age range. They will be developed with the key interlinking principles and educational framework of Girlguiding.

To do this we will work closely with girls, employers, apprenticeship bodies, politicians and others to help develop and design the roadshows. During the event participants will develop relevant skills and gain insight into what a career may look like for them and how to go about reaching their goals via a range of fun and interesting activities.

Alongside this we will develop a resource which can be delivered by our volunteer leaders to members in the target age range via local weekly meetings. This will be available for use in the project year and beyond allowing more young members to be involved and increase the longevity of the project.

Girlguiding NWE has a proven track record of delivery high quality projects through its network of 11,000 volunteers and working with high quality partners. These include:
-the launch of an Engineering Challenge pack earlier this year in partnership with BAE Systems
-planning a large-scale sports event for May 2018 giving members access to try many different sports and hear from inspirational sporting role models.

We would include elements from these projects in our roadshows and resources.

The workshops and activities will focus on topics such as:
-Showcasing potential careers and addressing the growing skills shortage in certain typically mail dominated industries such as STEM businesses, construction, the sporting industry, politics and emergency services
-Identifying transferable skills to support CV writing, application form completion or interview
-How to cope with the stresses and pressures of employment, including elements from our national ‘Think Resilient’ programme developed with Young Minds
-Developing CVs and application forms techniques
-Demonstrating what organisations are looking for at an interview stage - how to prepare; how thoughts and attitude impact behaviour and communication; how appearance can influence employers
-Supporting girls to understand what different careers may involve and what organisations are looking for in candidates
-Working with inspiring role models in different career fields, so girls can spend time talking with them about their work, struggles and achievements and how they have overcome them
We will ensure that girls have the opportunity to hear from young apprentices, graduates and experienced workers as well as leaders or chief executives working in a range of professions.

From participation in the events and activities the project will:
-Change girl’s perceptions as to the sorts of careers that they could do/inspire them to think differently
-Equip participants with skills for life which benefit themselves as well as future employers and the wider community in the long term
-Provide girls with the skills to decide a career path and to understand how to pursue it
-Improve participant’s chances of managing the stresses and pressures of further education and employment

Throughout the roadshows we will seek the views of girls about their career aspirations. From this we can evaluate the effectiveness of the workshops against their aims and use this for future work.

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Whoever they are, wherever they're from, girls can do amazing things - we give them the chance. We give girls a space just for them, we're girls only which means girls feel free to be themselves. We won't tell them an activity or career is 'for boys', because girls can achieve anything!
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