Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We offer free counselling to young people 13-25 yrs; all our counsellors are volunteers, professionally trained and qualified. We operate from our Drop In centre in High Wycombe where we carry out a number of different services for all comers on a daily basis. We offer Sexual Health and Well-being support (Free condom scheme, contraception advice and free pregnancy and sexual health tests), advice and support on any issue they wish to bring to us on a confidential and inclusive basis. We are entirely independent, and our clients either self-refer via phone, on-line or in person or are referred to us by GPs, school, local police, social services, parents and sometimes grandparents.

The need for our service increases daily with young people being ever more in stress and danger. Our waiting list for free-counselling is growing and we are planning to run a series of group sessions to support young people with similar problems. We have funding from the local authority to train up our counsellors to adapt their skills to the group situation as opposed to one to one counselling. This will enable us to run workshops or small groups of our clients, especially those on the waiting list. The groups/workshops will provide two main direct benefits: 1) it will provide those waiting for a one-to-one counsellor with support and encouragement while they wait, avoiding escalation of conditions and possibly sufficient support to alleviate the need for one-to-one sessions; 2) it will catch young people at an early stage before their problems escalate.

Our mission is to provide consistently delivered, non-judgemental, inclusive and empowering support enabling young people to take responsibility for their own lives. The project will enable us to run workshops/supportgroups on a variety of topics; here are some of our ideas: anxiety, self-harm, anger management, victim support, transgender issues, relationships,. We can also respond to current issues as and when required.

Youth Enquiry Service (Wycombe)

Moment of Pride

We see young people come through our doors sad, depressed, angry, and often lonely, we see them leave standing straight, smiling and looking at the world with very different eyes. The volunteers who bring this about are caring, thoughtful and dedicated. I feel honoured to be among them.

Location: High Wycombe