Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We have raised and spent approximately £150,000 on our site over the last 2 years, draining our playing fields, building a youth shelter and a multi use games area.

We have never had a proper road, during wet weather the "rutted track" is full of small ponds, if it is dry the ruts are a danger to most cars. For nearly forty years we have patched the track time and time again, spending ten of thousands of pounds we should have been spending on improving our facilities


The QEII land was gifted to Whalley Village on 15/11/1978, on 8/1/1986 the QEII Playing Fields Charitable Trust was formed to look after the facility. The land was very poorly drained, there were no changing rooms and no water supply, the borough council were paid by the QEII trust to cut the grass when this was possible.

On 25/10/2012 the land became a “Field in Trust” which protects the whole site in perpetuity for recreational use.

In 2014 the QEII Trustees published the Whalley Sports Community Park “Feasibility Study” which included building the MUGA with Goals, Fencing and Floodlighting, building the Youth Shelter, building the Green Gym and lastly draining the playing fields properly and building a new junior pitch. In 2015 the Youth Shelter and the MUGA Playing Surface were completed. The Drainage project and the new pitch creation started in Summer 2016 and will be completed during August 2017.

Our full aims are included in the Feasibility Study and enjoy the full support of all of our key Village organisations: Whalley Parish Council, Whalley Chamber of Trade, Whalley Lions, Whalley Sports Clubs (Cricket, Junior Football, Bowls, Tennis, Table tennis & Ribble Valley Netball Club), Whalley Scout & Guide Group, Whalley Educational Trust (Whalley Old Grammar School). Our trustees are drawn from all of these groups.

We plan to complete our existing MUGA, with fencing, goal ends and LED floodlighting, at the same time we are planning to build a Green Gym with 8 exercise stations.

The Challenge - Whalley has always been a "village", more than 10 years ago RVBC designated Whalley as the third "Key Service Centre" after Clitheroe & Longridge. Planning permissions have been granted for hundreds of new homes, when you add these homes to the ones already built at Calderstones and those being built/already built in Billington, our population will have more than doubled. Unfortunately there has been absolutely no infrastructure created to support that growth; RVBC & LCC provide no facilities for young people or older people who are unable to travel outside of the village. As a community we must look to make provision ourselves for our young people as best we can.

Opportunities, Aims & Objectives - The trustees of the Queen Elizabeth II playing fields Charitable Trust commissioned a Feasibility Study in 2012 to determine how we should proceed in developing our site for the benefit of the whole community, particularly our young people.

Whalley Sports Community Park (charity no.1161880) was created in 2014, absorbing Whalley Sports Club and their land at the same time, we consulted with the community and with the volunteers that provide our only own sports and leisure provison. Our aim is to provide first class facilities for the whole community, young and old, to take part in appropriate exercise, irrespective of their ability to pay.

When the Feasibility Study was published we set ourselves a "to do" list which we are doggedly working our way through. Our objective, when we have completed the MUGA and the Green Gym is to create a community building with changing rooms, a sports hall, 2 meeting rooms for smaller scale activities and doubling up as function rooms to create a significant income for our future plans. We will persevere for as long as our project takes.

Whalley Sports Community Park Charitable Incorported Organisation

Moment of Pride

The trustees of the Whalley Sports Community Park are all volunteers.
Our sole aim is to facilitate the opportunity for the whole community to engage in as much sports activity as possible, irrespective of their ability to afford it.
We will not rest until we have a facility we can be proud of.

Location: Whalley