Skills for life

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Let's begin with two stories that sum up our work:

Sam's Story:
Sam, an unemployed 19 year old from Anfield in North Liverpool, was referred to us through a Government training scheme, and attended the centre over a 6 month period. Prior to this he had been involved in criminal activities including burglary, drugs and gun crime. He expressed his desire to escape from that path. He progressed through our In-house training scheme, and under supervision of senior staff he developed his skill set and knowledge of our activities to the point where he became a Lead Instructor in a number of activities himself, gaining a new found confidence outside of the culture of his former peers.

Lauren's Story:
Lauren was sent to a Pupil Referral Unit after an incident of violence involving herself and a teacher. She attended MYCT with the unit for a programme of team building and communication exercises with the aim of improving behaviour towards each other and their teachers. Following these visits she undertook work experience with us a further 6 week placement volunteering in the summer. On her return to school, it was noted Lauren’s attitude and behaviour had improved significantly. She attributed this change to the opportunities and support that she had received. Lauren successfully reintegrated into the mainstream school and was studying for GCSE’s without further incident.

Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust is an urban based Outdoor Pursuits Education Centre in South Liverpool. Our Centre is in 35 acres of public park and woodland that can be used to deliver a wide range of activities. We have been working with children and young people for over 25 years.

The charity exists to provide opportunities for physical and mental development and increased learning and skills for young people through Outdoor Activity.

The Children and Young People who need us

In context, Liverpool City Region is one of the most deprived cities in England. Things are improving but some are getting left behind as the city grows. They are deprived group who experience the impact of multiple deprivation and lack of opportunity. They can have poor education performance, a lack of confidence that can be expressed by withdrawal but also by frustration and aggression, poor social and little or no work skills and a lethargy that can mean their physical and their mental health is poor.

From this situation the future is bleak. With nothing positive on the horizon this can be the start of a life of dependency and this leads to embedded community problems.

Our Activities
MYCT offers Outdoor Education via adventurous activities and skill training courses to help young people to develop their potential. All our instructors go through our in-house training and where applicable are qualified to the standards required by the National Governing Body for the sport or activity in question. Our Centre is accredited by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority.

Each course is tailored to the requirements of individuals and groups. Experience favours a variety of series of short courses which encourages a relationship to develop between instructor and group. Activities include

• abseiling,
• archery,
• bushcraft and camping,
• Duke of Edinburgh scheme,
• hiking,
• navigation,
• pioneering & orienteering.

The Outcome of our Work

The courses we run are exciting but our aim is to help develop children and young people.

If you can help us with some running costs children and young people we will achieve the following in the next 12 months:

• 1232 children and young people will have improved confidence

• 1456 will have improved teamwork skills

• 1184 will have improved problem solving skills

• 1264 will improved communication skills

• 1088 will have improved relationships

• 1088 will be more likely to try new things

For our young people these skills can be life changing

Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust

Moment of Pride

We widen the horizons and increase the skills and confidence of deprived children and young people from Liverpool. We are proud to provide an environment where young people who may who may not have experienced success can flourish and discover and develop their own strengths. This is life changing

Location: Liverpool