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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our van driver Pete is always delighted if our van starts- and, much as he loves using a screwdriver instead of a key to get it going, we'd rather Pete could do his rounds in a safer, greener and more efficient van.

Dorset Scrapstore is a registered charity that encourages environmental sustainability and reduces financial barriers to participation in creative arts. We do this by supplying over 2000 members of our community with convenient, low-cost access to recycled arts and crafts materials, via our Scrapstore in Poole.

Since our foundation in 1999, Dorset Scrapstore has been collecting clean and safe industrial surplus materials from donor manufacturers across the county. We collaborate with local business to ensure waste materials (plastics, foam, fabrics, paints etc.) stay out of landfill, and instead reach the shelves of our store.

Dorset Scrapstore empowers the community to reuse and repurpose these materials in support of their own arts, crafts, learning and play activities.

Because of our kind donors and the demand for our stock, our 17 year old van is on its last legs. We've loved and cared for it, but it can't go on forever.

If our van fails and we cannot collect materials, our store cannot operate, and our whole charity is at risk- which is why we are asking for your support.

To date, Dorset Scrapstore has diverted an estimated 247 tonnes of ‘waste’ (that's 22 tonnes more that the weight of the Statue of Liberty!)away from landfill and into the hands of creative local people.

It'd take all of the woodland areas in Dorset over 6 years to save the same amount of manufacturing CO2 emissions as Scrapstore has since 2000. We've done that by enabling our community to reuse surplus manufacturing materials, apposed to buying new.

Our affordable resources facilitate the delivery of broad spectrum creative arts projects in over 70 schools and 220 community groups, which in turn provide services to low income families, the elderly and the disabled. A quarter of our members live in areas that fall within the most deprived areas of England (based on ONS Multiple Index of Deprivation).

Dorset Scrapstore is accessible to the public four days a week (including evenings and weekends). An average of 174 people per week source materials from us, and on average, 42 new people join us every week (YTD figures 2017).

Alongside the provision of materials, our organisation runs a programme of practical and educational workshops focused on arts and the environment. We also provide a range of volunteering opportunities within our store which specifically engage those at risk of social marginalisation (such as young offenders and those recovering from periods of mental ill health).

Our ability to continue serving the community really hinges on our having a van to collect stock. You'll see from our pictures what a poor state the current van is in, because of its age and heavy use. We've had it 17 years, and even then it was second hand! Just look at what it's doing to Pete our driver. He's only 21 and looked like David Beckham before he started driving for us- this is what the worry has done to him!

So, support Dorset Scrapstore and support hundreds of people in our community to stay green, keep creative and improve our local environment....and save Pete, before its too late!

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We're always amazed at the creativity of our members and what they can create with little money and a lot of imagination. We're proud to help others save the planet through creativity, play, making and crafting!

Location: Dorset, United Kingdom