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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


North Nibley CofE Primary is a small village school in Gloucestershire with about 100 children. The school is at the heart of a local rural community of about 1000 people. As well as providing a great education, the school is the central point for diverse community social activities which bring children, parents and grandparents together. These include seasonal fairs, concerts, plays and quizzes, as well as providing a venue for a local choir to rehearse.

FONNS (Friends of North Nibley School) is the school PTA. We are trying to raise money to build a breakout learning space with multiple uses, helping the children and their families in several ways. The space would be a simple, environmentally friendly standalone timber building approx 11x4m. It would be built within the existing grounds of the school where there is currently an old storage shed. Together FONNS and the school have already secured 80% of the money for the project, and have plans in place to raise a further £10,000. We need help to get across the line to raise the final £5,000. Here are the different ways the breakout space would help us...

The school has old buildings which, by modern standards, provide very limited and inflexible space for teaching. Due to the school's small numbers the children learn in mixed year classes. Last year the school had a high proportion of children with special educational needs. In both cases having a quiet space where smaller groups of children can go for additional teaching support is invaluable. This currently happens throughout the day in the corridor, the staff room or in the hall at the same time as other activities - it would be great to have one dedicated quiet space for this.

The school is in a rural broadband "blackspot", often getting less than half a "meg" broadband speed. With the financial support of FONNS, some resourceful parents at the school have recently managed to "beam" internet from a nearby town to a radio dish on the school roof. This has greatly improved the connection speed and opened up a new learning opportunities for the children who previously had barely usable internet. To build on this success we want to use the breakout space as a dedicated place to be able to teach IT as well as to store associated equipment (again currently stored in the corridor...).

In response to requests from local families, the school is trying to start a wraparound care club. This will hopefully provide before and after school care for the children of working parents etc. Being such a small school there is currently nowhere to run this club except in the school hall where other school clubs already take place. The breakout space would also be used to run the wraparound care club, so it wouldn't compromise existing after school clubs and activities.

North Nibley is an amazing local village school within a vibrant rural community. In the current financial climate it is increasingly difficult for small schools like ours to make ends meet and to provide anything other than the bare essentials. Capital projects costing many thousands of pounds are particularly hard to fund. This project would give the school, the children and the immediate community a real lift.

FONNS (Friends of North Nibley School)

"FONNS" is the PTA for North Nibley School. Every year its volunteers raises thousands of pounds to enrich the learning and opportunities for its children, through their hard work and imagination. This project is another example of their vision and dedication to help the children in their community.

Location: North Nibley