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Funding level: Up to £1,000


I am the head coach of a swimming club in Renfrew. It is a very small, family run, club which has strong competition from 2 very large councils and 2 large competitive swimming clubs. We aim to provide a service which the other clubs cant. A more friendly and casual approach to swim training. We currently have 75 members ranging from 7 - 17, although there is no top age level.

We train in an unique 25 yard pool (all others are 25 metres) with out dated facilities. The roof leaks when it rains and the pool temperature ranges from luke warm to roasting.

Despite our surroundings, we manage to keep all members happy and excited about swimming. We have recently started competing with much larger clubs and although we don't win anything, the swimmers see their own individual improvement and never become disheartened.

To help their development we wish to take a selection of our swimmers to a training camp. the aim of the camp will be to develop their technique and introduce new and different behaviours.

The camp will be aimed at the senior swimmers of the club. It is the goal that with the new skills and behaviours learnt, they can come back to the club and help influence the younger members.

We have a great relation with our senior swimmers. All currently help support the young swimmers at present. Some help teach/ coach while some help with the set up of the pool. With the new skills/ behaviours learnt at camp, this would have a great impact on the younger swimmers.

Renfrew Baths Swimming Club

Moment of Pride

We are a family run club. Relying on the kindness of volunteers and support of senior swimmers. The Dunoon 2018 project would improve the abilities of our swimmers which will have an immediate impact on our younger generation.

Location: Dunoon