Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


As a community School, we are working closely with Sports Wales and the Help Parents back to work scheme to renovate the outside area of the school. The area is currently all concreate with games for the children painted on the floor. Our project of renovating the area will allow the school to be used for more after school clubs, local mini football training and for the proposal of opening the school for play scheme's and holiday clubs during school holidays, which will be part of the helping parents back to work scheme. The project will be ongoing for the next few years, but will be presented in stages, renovating a section of the outside area at a time. The funds from this grant would aim to lay astro turf at the far end of the yard, making the surface safer for the children to use, together with netting to the top of the fences to prevent balls from leaving the yard and rolling into the river.

Abercanaid SchoolMates PTA

Moment of Pride

Abercanaid Community School is at the heart of a small comunity village and the completion of this project will allow more parents to seek employment without the worry of childcare during school holidays and allow more opportunity for after school clubs, youth clubs and holiday clubs.

Location: Abercanaid