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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Age Exchange's Caring Together Service specialises in supporting those with dementia and other long-term conditions, and is committed to the principles of positive aging, enabling people to be active and engaged in later life.

Our activities include:
* Participation in variety of groups helped at Age Exchange and in the community.
* One-to-one reminiscence arts activity visits for those living with dementia, who have difficulty leaving their homes.
* Individual advice and support sessions for carers at our Centre.

We run five weekly groups for carers and the older person they care for, Inspired Caring, Dementia Day Care on two separate days, Artful Caring and Creative Caring. We also set up a new group The Kaleidoscope cafe for people with young onset dementia.

Depression is more common against people with dementia, as well as among carers supporting a person with dementia. This can result in feelings of isolation as well as low self-esteem, loss of interest in activities and increased agitation and restlessness. Our Caring Together Service aims to keep the person living with dementia at home as long as possible, whilst maintaining the health of the carer.

"We enjoy coming to Age Exchange and mingling with other people, who share our concerns and difficulties. I care for mum full-time, so I appreciate I can step out for half an hour and mum will be safe, feel looked after, and be happy and comfortable in her surroundings. There isn't really much for a 96 year old to do that's exciting and rewarding. Good quality services like age Exchange need to continue. It is a free service for people if all backgrounds and it is flexible, allowing participants to explore their own abilities." Louise is a full time carer to her mother Hettie

With the number of people with dementia reaching 1 million by 2025 in the UK there is a pressing need to provide support to carers. Family carers of people with dementia save the UK £11 billion a year ensuring that their health and well-being is maintained is crucial to enabling the person with dementia to remain living at home.

At Age Exchange we have over 30 years' experience of using reminiscence arts in the care of older people with dementia that ensures the care is person centred. Alongside that specialist knowledge and practice we have been running activities for carers of people with dementia for over 4 years.

Inspired Caring is part of Age Exchange’s Caring Together Service and runs weekly on Mondays. We have 22 regular attendees who are older people with dementia and their carers. We also have six regular volunteers who are over 70 years old helping out during the session run by our Dementia Services Coordinator.

Costs of 45 sessions to run in a year as follows:

• Delivery of sessions: £4500
• Liaison, planning, co-ordination, supervision, outings staff: £3070
• Materials: £700
• Participant and volunteer travel: £1000
• Catering: £450
• Outings: £2000
• Space cost: £2340
• Management & office costs: £2660

Total: £16720

The funding for our Inspired Caring Group is coming to an end in 2018 and we would be grateful to have Aviva Community Fund’s help to continue this valuable service to people who are in need of support. Without funding, the people who have been attending the group for a long time will lose their life line, the one occasion where they feel valued and cared for, where their life has meaning and where they create beautiful art, make friends and feel less isolated.

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Age Exchange

Age Exchange's Caring Together Service works with older people and their carers to help improve lives by using reminiscence and the arts. I am proud that last year we provided 4000 hours of support to over 100 carers and people with dementia with weekly support in groups and 1:1 in their homes.

Location: Blackheath, London, United Kingdom