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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Vintage Voices is a creative writing project, with Lambeth Elders to explore Lambeth’s recent past through memories, experience and place. It will provide an opportunity to share their experience across the generations.
This project will have three parts:
1. A series of 7 two-hour creative writing workshops from March-May 2018.
2. An oral history strand for those who feel more at home with speaking rather than writing.
3. As part of the legacy of this project we will produce an anthology of the written work. We will also have a mobile listening station for the oral histories
The work produced will be part of a presentation at the Lambeth Readers and Writers Festival in 2018.

We ran a pilot project earlier this year and there is real enthusiasm from the participants to build on this, and to make it more widely available. The weekly workshops in a local Community Centre in Brixton will be facilitated by a writing workshop leader with experience of leading similar projects. A second experienced facilitator will support her. An initial three-week programme will be planned covering writing exercises and different writing styles such as flash fiction, journalistic and poetry. Each session will require homework which will be shared in the group at the next session. The second part of the project will be shaped by the interests and aptitude of the participants. The final sessions will be working towards the presentation and anthology.

The oral history strand will be an opportunity for people to tell their stories and have a record they can pass on to their families and neighbours. Brixton is an area where many people journeyed from elsewhere before making Brixton their home. It is an area that has undergone and is undergoing considerable changes. The generation that lived through the last half of the last century have a rich tapestry of memories and experience that makes this area unique. We want to paint a picture of Brixton as it was to pass on to a new generation. We will work with these elders to record their memories and experiences. This will also have other elements incorporating photographs and musical references.

This project will give participants the opportunity to socialise, be listened to, and be creative. Our intention is to build on this for a sustainable longer-term project within the community. It will lessen isolation by involving people in a shared enterprise. By having this in local safe spaces it will be easily accessible. Refreshments will be provided. Participants will work together creatively, sharing memories, learning new skills and having fun.
The final presentation will be an opportunity to share this work with the wider community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you will give us your vote.

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Moment of Pride

The amazing work that was produced on the pilot project earlier this year, the strength, tenacity and courage of many of the participants in the face of real hardships and above all the warmth, creativity and laughter that informed these sessions.

Location: Brixton, South Lambeth, London, United Kingdom