Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Every day volunteers from The Animal Team set out to help take dogs, cats, roosters, horses, pigeons ...all kinds of desperate anipals, to a safe haven. Whether it is from dog pounds where their seven days has ended, or to escape a dangerous situation, the volunteers are there to collect and drive the hundreds of miles needed to get them to safety. They give their time gladly but most cannot do it without fuel and this is where we help. Funds are always low and without donations we cannot continue to do this.

We hold auctions on Facebook and have an Ebay shop which helps raise some funds. We tweet to over 34,000 followers and showcase every passenger that has ever gone on their freedomride so that people can see where their money is spent if they wish to donate. We also go to as many gala’s, village fetes, RSPCA events...anywhere where we can spread the word about what we do and draw on some support. We were recently at PupAid in London and the Purple Poppy Day (Sept)

The Animal Team not only helps with fuel for the freedomrides but also with funds for emergency boarding for pets that are in danger of losing their home, or offer some sanctuary until they can be transported away to a chance of a better future. We help in all cases where we can and are regularly involved in talks with people who deal with domestic violence cases where the animals need removing as quickly and as safely as possible.

We cover the whole of the UK with over 3,500 amazing volunteers, really amazing. They will drop everything for an emergency & tirelessly give their time for the anipals who need them. Our admin are a truly wonderful team of volunteers who also give their time, energy and commitment to do as much as is humanly possible. Remarkably modest in all they do nothing matters more than the happiness of all that come their way.

From January to December 2016; - 2,302 dogs, 282 cats, 26 rabbits, 20 hens, 1 cockerel, 1 lamb, 3 hamsters, 1 bearded dragon, 1 snake and 56 pigeons took their freedomrides.

The volunteers covered 341,447 miles. They are astounding. It is very much a community spirited team where good friends have been made, where the only reward they want is to see a happy ending for the tender souls they have helped, and where their dedication is second to none. And sadly there is always more to help.

These are other things we do...

Every month we complete over 200 Homechecks for rescues who cannot cover the area to check that the home is appropriate for an adoption.

We support Smokey Paws a company that provide specially designed pet oxygen masks to the UK Fire Service for pets caught up in house fires etc. We have purchased a number of these masks as they are vital.

We have several Facebook pages;

The Rescue Register – a small totally dedicated team who promote for rescues across the UK; Editing photographs, creating profiles, passing along information, sharing on Facebook, updating and Tweeting daily.

The Lost & Found – updated daily shared on Facebook and tweeted.

The Rescue Space Finder – updated daily, tweeted and hopefully a rescue space is found for a VERY desperate anipal.

We help towards emergency vet bills.

We support campaigns for BSL, Greyhound Protection and to end the Puppy Farm trade, among a host of others.

Every two weeks we donate funds raised from the Auctions to a needy rescue. Any food donations is distributed fairly too.

We help find foster homes.

Just some of the things we do and our vision doesn’t stop there. There are so many things that come to light every day and if we can help to save a life or make an animal’s life better then we will do our utmost to be there for them.

I hope this shows you a few of the things we pride ourselves on, and the heart we have. We can’t save them all but we try.

The Animal Team UK

Moment of Pride

I am so proud to be associated with this remarkable team. They give everything they can to helping anipals across the UK and beyond. We bring people together, we offer a lifeline to those with no hope. No-one within the team has an ego, they are totally selfless and committed.

Location: United Kingdom