Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We are a primary school and in Surrey who wish to create Happiness Hubs to serve the community and the children in our care.

We are hoping these hubs bring generations together as we invite the elderly to join the youngest members of our community.
We would also like to involve our parents and provide a retreat for our volunteers.

The children would benefit from an all inclusive environment where young and old come together, share experiences and combat loneliness.

We would introduce therapies such as Mindfulness and create a calming, nurturing environment for all.

We need the funds for a structure to house our hubs and furnish them.

Thank you for considering our application
Patricia Keysell

Epsom Downs Primary School and Children's Centre

We are a fantastic school who pride ourselves in our inclusive outlook. we are always looking for new ways to serve our community and teach our children to be respectful and caring towards all.

Location: Tadworth