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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Friends of Falconbrook is a Friends Association formed for the sole purpose of raising money to support the children at our local primary school. Falconbrook Primary School is set in the Winstanley Estate in Battersea. The community it serves is amongst the most deprived in the country, meaning many pupils come from families with a low income. 58% of pupils have been eligible for free school meals (main deprivation indicator for schools) which is significantly higher (4 times higher) than national averages. 9.3% of pupils are involved in Social Care and 54% are considered as either having a Special Education Need or SEN concern. The children’s domestic living conditions often reflect this level of deprivation. Additionally, Falconbrook is in the top three schools in Wandsworth for obesity levels.

The current EYFS outdoor area has had little investment in over a decade and is in desperate need of a makeover. With school budgets shrinking all the time we, as a Friends Association, want to support our school by applying for funding. By securing funding we would be able to transform the outdoor area into a wonderful space that encourages our children to have an active lifestyle, appreciate nature and the environment and develop social skills. They can also develop independence and an awareness of risk. Outdoor learning is just as important as learning in the classroom and a new outdoor area would promote high quality play opportunities.

There are also clear health benefits associated with outdoor learning. Children need daily exercise, vigorous enough to get them out of breath with their hearts and lungs working hard. NHS guidelines say that children under 5 need three hours exercise a day and that it should be with a mixture of bone strengthening, muscle building and cardiovascular.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum places strong emphasis on the importance and value of daily outdoor experiences for children's learning and development. The curriculum is used by all schools and nurseries for children 0-5 years old and groups children's development and learning into seven areas:

The three prime areas are:
Personal, Social Emotional Development
Communication and Language
Physical Development

The four specific areas are:
Mathematical Development
Expressive Arts and Design
Understanding of the World

By providing these outdoor play opportunities on a daily basis for our children we can help to ensure that they are developing and learning across all seven of these areas. Our vision includes providing an area for children to grow things and experience nature, providing robust climbing equipment so that our children can develop gross motor skills and develop an appropriate sense of risk.

The total cost of refurbishing the outdoor area is £45,000 and securing a grant of £25,000 will take us more than halfway to that goal. Please help us to support Falconbrook Primary School in providing this opportunity for our children and ensuring that they have the opportunity to flourish and develop that they deserve.

Project Video

Friends of Falconbrook

Moment of Pride

The children at Falconbrook Primary School are extremely imaginative and as you can see from our video they make the best of what is available to them. We want to support the school to provide the best for them and give them the opportunity they deserve to have a safe outside place to play and learn

Location: Wye Street, London, United Kingdom