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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Disability Can Do is a user led, charitable organisation that promotes and encourages inclusion, independence and choice, and supports disabled adults and their carers through the provision of services, support and information. Their needs and aspirations are at the heart of what we do. By providing services and helping everyone to understand disability and combat discrimination, we aim to remove the barriers that can stop people with disabilities from pursuing their goals and living their lives to the full. As an organisation we currently offer a free Advocacy Service, Welfare Support, and Training Courses to help build confidence and transferable skills. We do not receive any regular funding, so are totally reliant on grants and fundraising activities. As a small charity with a core staff of ten, much of our service provision is delivered by volunteers, many of whom were our former clients. Without them we wouldn’t be able to run our Citizen Advocacy service, a “buddy” scheme supporting disabled individuals with daily tasks from attending doctors’ appointments to sorting their household bills.

Our volunteers also work on reception, answering the telephone and taking referrals, and lead on many of our fundraising activities. Without our volunteers there is no way that we’d be able to offer the services and support as we do currently. We need to safeguard the future of the organisation, but also want to offer more opportunities for work experience and paid employment to help our volunteers who are struggling to get the skills they need to move into employment. There are so many barriers stopping disabled people from moving into mainstream employment, by gaining experience in a supportive environment like Disability Can Do, we can start to bridge the gap between volunteering and employment. Having researched a number of options we want to set us a small enterprise which would teach the volunteers new skills which they could take with them into employment but also benefit the organisation in that it would generate income that could be used to provide other services which are needed but we do not have funding for. We will produce and sell promotional products to both the corporate and the private sector but also to "Joe Public".

We would like to purchase the necessary equipment to enable us to set up a small promotional enterprise producing mugs, T-shirts and other promotional products, to enable the organisation to generate additional income to help us become self-sustaining, which in turn would help us to provide the finance to continue the provision we currently provide of a welfare and advocacy service to our clients, namely individuals deemed as "disabled and marginalised" by the government and society as a whole. This project would allow us to provide training and "on the job" work experience in a variety of skills and services whilst at the same time generating income and providing experience for our volunteers, which in turn could lead to employment both outside the organisation and probably provide a job for at least one full-time post or two part-time posts within the organisation.

The project would provide a number of life skills and employment skills for a number of our volunteers and clients which include; basic IT skills, training in digital inclusion and design, training on how to print the mugs and other products., along with specific training in motivation and confidence building, communication skills, customer service skills, marketing and promotion skills, and selling. All of this training will enhance the possibility of the client obtaining employment either in our organisation or with another employer. We would need to purchase the basic equipment to set up the project but our research has shown that we would be in a position to develop the project further within two years of trading. We have researched the necessary equipment and we would require approximately £4,785.00 to set up the project.

Disability Can Do

Location: Caerphilly

Our services are user-led and give the disabled community a voice, having supported 800 people with over 1700 different issues over the last 3 years. We help the most vulnerable in society claim what they are entitled, to securing £7m in unclaimed benefits for over 3000 disabled people.
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