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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


In 2000, the MuchLoved Charitable Trust changed the way that we remember and celebrate our loved ones.

From back in the early days when online memorials were unheard of, before Facebook was invented and before we had digital cameras and even smartphones to capture and share our every moment, MuchLoved was committed to finding a new way for bereaved people to share their stories and tell the world about the people we love who have died. In 2017, MuchLoved memorial webpages receive over 10 million page views a year and have helped to raise almost £33m in donations to UK charities. We have found a way for many thousands of people to share photos, stories and memories of their loved ones and to do something positive in the sadness of their loss, by raising money for the charities that mean the most to them and their families.

We want to do more. We know that bereaved people love what we do and value building online tributes to their loved ones. We also know however, that many of the people who use our site really struggle with their loss and the impact that their bereavement has had on their lives. We’ve been looking to improve our care for grieving people and Aviva Community Fund support can help us to do this.

We would use this funding to expand and improve our support for bereaved people to give them more and better information about grief and loss and really change the way in which they are able to access bereavement support and counselling services. We know that in the UK it’s very hard to gain fast access to mental healthcare and counselling services and in the same way that we revolutionised the way in which people remember their loved ones, we now want to change the way in which they can get help.

With Aviva funding, we will establish an online chat function on which will enable bereaved people to talk directly to grief counsellors about their loss, how they are coping, what help they need and how they can get this, in order that they are able to better cope with their grief and begin to come to terms with their loss. Our GriefChat service will be provided by qualified, experienced bereavement counsellors who will be able to quickly help and support people to get the information and care that they need, when they want it. We know that there’s nothing like this in the UK at the moment and with our experience of both technology and bereavement, feel well-placed to offer it.

MuchLoved GriefChat will benefit a lot of bereaved people. Our homepage alone gets more than 144,000 hits per year, so if only 20% of the people who visit us engage with GriefChat we would expect that almost 30,000 bereaved people will benefit from better advice, support, information and access to counselling. Bereaved people tell us that it’s hard to cope after someone important to them dies, and also that it’s difficult to access community support for bereavement. With this grant, we can change this and really make a positive difference to the lives of people across the UK.

We hope that people will vote for this project as we believe it will change the way people access support and counselling after a loss. We hope that by developing this service we will revolutionise access to bereavement care for anyone in the UK who needs it, when they need it.

The MuchLoved Charitable Trust

Moment of Pride

We’re very proud of what MuchLoved has achieved for both bereaved people and UK charities. Formed after the death of our Trustee’s brother and mother, we have helped over 65,000 families to build beautiful tribute sites for their loved ones and helped bereaved people raise millions for UK charities.

Location: United Kingdom