Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The funding will be used as follows, 12 month room/office hire for a counselling service, 12 month studio hire for Art therapy camera equipment and out door activities such as walking/hiking team building and confidence building weekends.
The people we can reach out to can be unlimited because more and more people are being diagnosed with sight loss and we are aiming for the working aged visually impaired and blind community.
It is difficult to say why people should vote, all I can say is I've been registered severely sighted blind at the age of 49 and I lost my job, driving licence, and confidence.
I suffered with depression to an extent I contemplated ending my life, but I managed to get counselling from a local organisation which saved me.
I am now 53 and 18 months ago I started Losing My Sight Magazine which is a free publication for the the visually impaired and blind community all over the country and even the globe, and 6 months ago I launched Losing My Sight Charity which is a not for profit organisation to help people who are in a situation that I was in a few years ago and proving to them that there is life after sight loss and SIGHT LOSS HOLDS NO BARRIERS.
Since starting the charity I have seen people gain confidence when attending one of our events and they look forward to the next one which is becoming difficult as funds are always limited.
By voting for us we can maintain our core mission statement which is to enhance the lives of the visually impaired and blind community in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas, we also which to have a more diverse approach to sensory loss disabilities in our area and with the help from Aviva Community funding we will be able to expand and reach out to those in need.
Until someone experiences or know someone who has sight loss you do not have a true understanding on how it effects that person, it is not a nice place to be in.
But with Losing My Sight Charity we hope to educate those who have been recently diagnosed with sight loss, and even more educate those who do not have any sight loss issues.
Yes we reach out to those who are suffering with their sight, BUT it is also VERY important Not to forget their partners who care for them because they are going through the same journey as they are and with personal experience i now know how my wife was suffering in silence and by going out on walking and hiking weekends this will involve all the families of the people who have sight loss, this is important to get all the family involved too show that losing your sight at first is daunting but in reality it is not the end of the world.
It would be fantastic to produce an education film on our projects to show that there is life after sight loss and our film can put shown in hospitals counselling sessions and so many other places where it will help, therefore we will use some of the funding to buy camera equipment and our photography club can do the filming themselves with supervision.
So this is why your vote is important to help change the lives of the visually impaired and blind communities not just in Portsmouth but potentially nationwide.
Here is a testimony from one of our members.

Yesterday, 7th September 2017 I took part in an activity day organised by Dave Taylor from Losing My Sight magazine. It was held at the Portsmouth Water Sports Centre. A group of around twenty people tried out various activities, including wall climbing, archery and sailing. I personally tried out the climbing wall, which I managed to scale to the top, I have previously done archery so I gave that a miss and went dinghy sailing, this was with one other person and an instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed this and we managed to stay afloat, unlike some others who capsized, even so we all got very wet! Hopefully there will be more days out arranged like this, so everyone can try different activities and meet up again soon.

James Morgan

Losing My Sight Magazine

Moment of Pride

I am proud how we have all worked together to strive and improve the lives of the visually impaired and blind community actually seeing the difference over six months is humbling and for people and the press to continuing to endorse our efforts shows too me that we are doing something worth while.

Location: Portsmouth