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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


StingRay monthly nightclub (named after the charity’s founder Ray Metcalfe) for people with learning disabilities was established in 2007 and attracts over 200 people to each event. It is the only user-led nightclub for people with learning disabilites in Oxfordshire and one of only a handful across the country.
Many people with learning disabilities live lonely and stark lives with many only leaving their homes for a couple of hours each day. The StingRay nightclub provides a fun environment for isolated people to meet new friends, socialise, dance and learn new skills (as DJs, for example). The nightclub also hosts live bands and dance groups performed by people with learning disabilities. A team of people with learning disabilities receive support to manage the project, taking care of financial matters, safety, and PR – they make all the key decisions.
The funding from Aviva will help to pay the support staff needed to help make sure the club runs safely and smoothly. £400 is needed for every club night; we hope that your vote will help secure £4800 and the guarantee of 12 more club nights for 200 people with learning disabilities over the coming year.
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Moment of Pride

What makes me most proud of StingRay is that it is 100% run by people with learning disabilites. The members with learning disabilities wanted the activitiy, made it happen, and have successfully run their project, with staff support, for 10 years. RESPECT.

Location: Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HU, United Kingdom