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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are a non profit making semi contact Kickboxing club and have many talented young students who would like to compete in tournaments, improving their skill levels and experience and eventually become champions and represent Great Britain.
The cost of competing regularly, competition entry fees, travel, equipment and training can be prohibitive to a lot of the children we teach and so we would like to ask for funding that will enable them to fulfil their potential , develop their skills and give these children a head start
and a chance to enjoy the sport at all levels and make a worthwhile career both in the sport and throughout their life.

Semi contact Kickboxing can be a life changing activity for children at whatever level they choose to participate. Among it's many benefits are that it teaches discipline, respect. empathy and determination. It enhances learning , social skills and develops a good work ethic. It also promotes a healthy physical and mental lifestyle.

Kickboxing is a worldwide sport and there are many national and international events happening throughout the year. From competitions to seminars and courses.
The sport takes place on an amateur and a professional basis. Many of the champions and prominent figures in the sport today began their careers in local clubs like Basingstoke |Kickboxing Organisation. The main governing body, Word Association of Kickboxing Organisations is recognised by the International Olympic Committee as well as many other important sporting bodies and it is looking likely that it will be an Olympic sport at the 2024 games.

Our project seeks to allow children to participate at all levels in this exciting sport by allowing them to experience competition from the smallest inrter club level to international tournaments and giving them the earliest opportunity to become skilled enough to possibly represent Great Britain in the event of semi contact Kickboxing becoming an addition to the Olympic games.

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Moment of Pride

We are proud of this project because it gives a chance to make a real difference for many children who would otherwise be unable to experience Semi contact Kickboxing or fulfil their potential in this sport. and develop self esteem and life skills

Location: Worting