Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are a group of Explorers, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers who meet at our local HQ each week; our group encompasses children and young people of all ages across the Scout Movement aged 6 -18 years plus; we also have more than one group for each age category, with at least one meeting taking place every day throughout the week, as well as at some weekends and during the school holidays.

The hard-working leaders, who are all volunteers, are constantly thinking of and planning new ideas for meetings, trips and outings to entertain, educate and guide the children and young people in our care; we also engage and work inclusively with the local community on a number of projects, both for the benefit of the community and the young people taking part.

Inclusion is certainly an essential component in our work, ensuring that all young people, regardless of their disabilities, colour, creed or sexual orientation are made to feel welcome and part of the group.

The Scout Movement has certainly kept pace with Society, and leaders these days have to tackle a wide range of subjects and issues, including alcohol and drugs, knives and bullying to mention but a few, alongside the more expected activities such as campfire, sleepovers, arts and crafts and hikes.

We try to ensure we offer a wide range of activities, so as many interests and tastes are catered for, as well as covering and meeting issues such as healthy eating, exercise, well-being etc.

We are currently raising funds to buy a minibus, which will allow us to take the various groups out on trips and outings, rather than having to rely on parents and a fleet of cars to deliver the children to the required location. Our own efforts so far have included Supermarket Bag Packs, the Group Scout Leader has shaved off his hair and beard, cake sales, sponsored walks etc.

I personally am a Beaver Leader, looking after one of the youngest group of children aged 6-8. They continually amaze me with their ideas and enthusiasm and I love working with them and guiding them on community projects. Our programme for the current term includes a talk on homelessness and poverty, disability awareness, recycling and reuse and learning more about other cultures and religions with a talk from a local Ghurka! We also ensure fun is not forgotton, with a trip to the local Fire & Rescue Station, Bonfire Night Party and a Christmas Sleepover.

A minibus would allow us to explore and appreciate the local area more, and in particular would assist with overnight trips. It would also assist us in working on more projects in the local area, such as visiting and helping elderly and disabled people, site clearance at Churches and other local amenities, taking part in sponsored activities etc. All in all a minibus would greatly assist in the way we are able to run and operate and would also benefit the local community by extending the work we are able to do.

We are continuing to put a great deal of effort into our own fund-raising to buy the minibus and then insure and maintain it; winning an Aviva Community Award to contribute to all our work and effort would mean a huge amount to all of us

2nd Corfe Mullen Scouts

Moment of Pride

I am a Beaver leader of one of the Colonies. I really enjoy my time with the Beavers who have an enormous amount of energy and imagination. The Beavers who are boys and girls are aged 6-8 and they continually surprise and inspire me. A minibus would allow us to go on even more adventures!

Location: Corfe Mullen